Use the stickers smart object
  • 13 Mar 2023
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Use the stickers smart object

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The Stickers smart object contains circles, which you drag out of the container and on to other smart objects or the canvas. Each circle has an assigned value, such as 3 or 8. When you drag a sticker to a card, the sticker's value is assigned to the card.

Add a smart object to the canvas

Smart objects are located in the Explore menu.

  1. In the toolbar, select Explore.
  2. Scroll or search to find the object you want.
  3. Drag and drop the object onto the canvas, or select it once to add it in the center.
On your keyboard, enter / and type the name of any object to find it faster.

Configure stickers

By default, the stickers smart object appears on the canvas with the title Stickers. When dragging individual stickers to a card, the value is applied with the label Stickers. Rename the stickers smart object to change the label of the assigned values.

To rename the stickers:

  1. Select the stickers title.
  2. Delete the text.
  3. Enter a new name.

Use cases for stickers

Stickers allow you to assign values to other smart objects, especially cards.

Set up Freehand's integration with Jira, and you can use stickers to assign story points to all your stories. The point value syncs back to Jira, meaning you never have to leave Freehand!

But if you don't use Jira, don't worry, there's still plenty to do. The generic smart card object accepts stickers as well. Whatever value you wish to track, simply re-name the stickers and start dragging and dropping.

For example, if you'd like to use the stickers to add time estimates to smart cards, rename the stickers as Hours (or days, or any other unit). When dragging a sticker with the value of 3 onto a card, the card gets the label Hours with a value of 3.

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