Hide or show DSM sections
  • 09 Jan 2023
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Hide or show DSM sections

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Article Summary

With DSM, you can hide or show specific sections of your design system.

When a section is hidden, only design system admins and editors can access it. Additionally, you must be a system admin or editor to change a section's visibility.

To hide or show a DSM section:

  1. Sign in to the DSM web view and open your design system.
  2. While editing the draft version, click the setting icon () and select Settings.
  3. In the left-hand navigation, click the Customization dropdown and select Top navigation.
  4. On the canvas, select a section, and click the visibility icon to hide (invision-new-dsm-web-section-visibility-icon-hide.png) or show (invision-new-dsm-web-section-visibility-icon-show.png) it in the top navigation.
  5. Click Save changes.



When you publish a new version, your visibility settings will be applied. Note that the visibility settings are version-specific. For example, if you publish "v1.2," and the Tokens section is toggled on, viewers can access Tokens in that version. If you toggle off the Tokens section and then publish "v1.3," viewers accessing that version will not see Tokens.


As previously mentioned, admins and editors can still view a hidden section. The section will be denoted by a hidden icon (), indicating that viewers can't access it.

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