Dashboard overview
  • 03 Feb 2023
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Dashboard overview

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My Documents Dashboard

Once your account is setup, you'll be directed to your documents dashboard.Dashboard.png

  1. My Documents: Click this drop-down to access personal, team (or enterprise), and archived documents.
  2. Documents: Access this dashboard to view all active documents.
  3. Activity: View documents changes and progress.
  4. People: Manage collaborators, team members, and teams.
  5. Learn: Get the basics of InVision, plus pick up some advanced tips and tricks.
  6. DSM: Access the Design System Manager web view.
  7. Notifications: View comments and access Inbox.
  8. Profile: Access your profile information, update billing details, and view product updates.
  9. Plus button: Create a new prototype, board, or freehand.
  10. Collaborator filter: Filter documents by who is collaborating.
  11. Document sort: Sort documents by recent or alphanumeric.
  12. Document tabs: Access all documents, or narrow it to prototypes, boards, freehands, or starred items.
  13. Search: Search for a documents by title.

Prototype DashboardPrototypes_dashboard.png

  1. InVision icon: Click here to return to your prototype dashboard.
  2. Prototype app icon (mobile prototypes only): Upload an image to create an app icon.
  3. Prototype name: Click the name to quickly rename your prototype.
  4. QR code: Use a QR code to access the prototype on your mobile device.
  5. Freehand: Upload your screens to a new Freehand.
  6. Share: Invite collaborators or create a public share link.
  7. Collaborators: See who's collaborating and add others.
  8. Plus button: Upload screens or get Craft Sync.
  9. List view: Organize your screens as a list.
  10. Grid view: Organize your screens as thumbnails in a grid.
  11. Screen size slider (grid view only): Adjust screen thumbnail sizes.
  12. More menu: Access a list of actions including download, archive, and Slack configuration.
  13. People: See who has access to the prototype.
  14. Assets: View, upload, and download assets for your prototype.
  15. Comments: View comments or load resolved conversations.
  16. Activity: View changes and progress of your prototype.
  17. Tasks: Add tasks or view existing tasks.
  18. Workflow: Manage screen statuses and create new tasks.
  19. Screens: Access active or archived screens.
  20. Search: Search for a document by title.

Screen DashboardScreen_dashboard.png

  1. Prototype name
  2. SMS to Mobile (mobile only): Share your prototype via SMS.
  3. Left and right arrows: Click to toggle through your prototype screens.
  4. Share: Add collaborators or share your prototype via a public share link.
  5. Freehand: Upload your screens to a new Freehand.
  6. Screen status: Quickly change a screen's status.
  7. Configuration: Update the background image, hide the status bar, and change the device skin. Settings vary depending on whether your prototype is mobile, desktop, etc.
  8. Upload screens: Add more screens to your prototype.
  9. Social share: Send your designs to Slack.
  10. Download screen: Download the current screen.
  11. History mode: View previous versions of the current screen.
  12. Inspect mode: Access measurements, colors, and assets.
  13. Comment mode: View, edit, and add comments to your screens.
  14. Build mode: View, edit, and add hotspots. 
  15. Preview mode: View and test your interactions to create a seamless experience.
  16. Current screen name: Click to switch to a different screen or upload new ones.
  17. Current prototype name: Click to return to prototype dashboard.
  18. InVision logo: Click to return to the documents dashboard.
  19. Hide toolbar: Click to hide or show toolbar.

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