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How can I speed up syncing with Craft Sync?

Sometimes artboards can become particularly large, and it can take a bit more time than expected to upload prototypes to InVision. Here are some tips that can allow you to complete your sync to InVision more quickly. Selecting ...

Can I create a new team prototype within Craft Sync?

If you're on a Team plan but aren't the Team plan owner, you can't publish new prototypes for your team from Craft Sync—you can only sync to existing prototypes you're a collaborator on. To sync to a new prototype, you will fir...

Craft Sync for Photoshop

Before using Craft Sync, you must install Craft Manager and enable the Craft tools in Photoshop. To begin using Craft Sync for Photoshop, click the Sync icon (), and then click Sign in to InVision. Enter your InVision credentia...

Installing Craft Sync for Windows

This article will guide you through installing, enabling, and updating Craft Sync for Photoshop on a Windows machine. For information on how you can begin using Craft Sync, check out the article Craft Sync for Photoshop. Instal...

Publishing an InVision V7 spec document via Craft Sync

This article provides answers for an InVision V7 open beta feature. If you're on InVision V6, this information does not apply. Not sure which version you're using? Find out now. In addition to publishing artboards to InVision V...

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