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Setting Up DSM

This guide references the new DSM. Built on customer feedback, the new DSM offers a completely redesigned experience. Learn more about why we made the new DSM.

There are two pieces to DSM—the documentation website and the DSM Sketch integration (available via the Craft plugin). In this guide, you'll learn both.

Accessing DSM on the web

To access your DSM organization on the web, sign in to your InVision account. At the top of the home page, click DSM.

This site is where you can view all your design systems, manage your DSM organization, and invite others to collaborate.

Setting up DSM in Sketch

The DSM Sketch integration is what allows you to connect your Sketch files to DSM. To set up the DSM Sketch integration, download and install the Craft plugin for Sketch.

Open Sketch and, In the Sketch menu, click Plugins > Design System Manager > Toggle Side Panel.

If you skip this step, DSM won’t be accessible in Sketch.

The DSM Sketch plugin panel will appear directly above the left-hand layers list in Sketch. To begin using the integration, click the DSM icon.