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InVision Cloud V7: Why does my InVision account look different than others' on my team?


Now that we've begun to roll out InVision Cloud V7, the future of our platform, there will be some differences in the UI and UX for users of Cloud V7. This article will help you understand which version of the product you’re using.

To check which version of InVision you're using, click your avatar at the top right. If you have already transitioned to Cloud V7 or are a new user who kicked off your InVision experience with Cloud V7, you will see a small V7 logo directly under your avatar after clicking it:


The Cloud V7 platform looks and behaves differently than V6, so when you run into questions, be sure to check out our InVision Cloud V7 Getting Started Guide and InVision Cloud V7 Knowledge Base for answers. If you hit any big snags while getting familiar with Cloud V7, our Support team is always here to help.


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