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What tools can I integrate with InVision V6?

This article provides answers for InVision V6. If you've already updated to InVision V7, use this list of tools you can integrate InVision with. Not sure which version you're using? Find out now.

Streamline your workflow by utilizing InVision's various integrations for InVision and/or for Studio. The following tools are currently available for integration:


The following integrations are available for Atlassian:


Integrate InVision with Microsoft: Freehand in MS Teams for InVision


The following integrations are available for Slack:


With Craft, you can integrate InVision and Sketch: Craft tools for Sketch


With Craft, you can integrate InVision and Photoshop: Craft tools for Photoshop

To see which Craft tools are available for Photoshop, check out the article Craft for Photoshop.


Integrate InVision with Dropbox: Paper integration

InVision also allows you to embed prototypes.


Integrate InVision with Teamwork.

Using Live Embed, you can paste InVision links directly into Teamwork comments. The link unfurls automatically and allows users to see the prototype inside Teamwork.

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