Introduction to Boards

What are Boards?


InVision Boards provide a flexible space to tell stories, share files, and collaborate with team members throughout the entire design process. You can use Boards to...

Boards simplify the management and presentation of design assets. Support for a wide variety of file types and simple tools to organize sections of content allow you to spend more time making awesome work, and less time presenting it.

Viewers can comment on items and download source files. And share links look great on both desktop and mobile with a fully responsive design, so your team members and clients can access Boards from anywhere.

How many boards are allowed?

With Free, Starter, and Educational accounts, you are allowed 3 boards. With Professional, Team, and Enterprise accounts, you are allowed unlimited boards.

What file types are supported?

Boards support uploads for any file type, with thumbnail previews or useful icons to help quickly identify files commonly used by design teams.

  • Graphics – PNGs, JPGs, GIFs, etc.
  • Source Files – Photoshop, AI, Sketch – For Photoshop files with Artboards, thumbnails should pull from the first screen
  • Font Files – OTF, TTF, etc. (Please ensure that your license allows for posting any font files)
  • Color Swatches – By HEX values
  • PDFs
  • Text Documents – DOC, DOCX, etc.
  • Spreadsheet Documents – XLS, XLSX, etc.
  • Presentation Documents – PPT, PPTX, etc.
  • Audio Files – MP3, etc.
  • Video Files – AVI, MOV, etc.
  • Code Files – HTML, CSS, JS, etc.
  • ZIP Files
  • All other non-system file types

Creating a Board

  1. Log in to your account.

  2. Click the + icon on the right to create a new board.

  3. Click Create New Board.

  4. Name your board and select the layout style.

  5. Click Get Started.

Uploading Items

    1. Drag and drop your assets into your browser, or click on the message to use the file selector and upload your files.


    2. Check the uploader spinner to view progress on your file uploads.

    3. If you would like to upload your files to a specific section, drag your files to that section or click on the (+) icon for that section and select Upload File.

Once uploaded, a tile will appear with either a thumbnail or an icon depending on the type of file uploaded. For source files (e.g. PSD and PDF) the thumbnail will be for the first screen within the file.

Adding a Photo Header

  1. Scroll to the top of your board and click on the Edit Header menu option.

  2. Upload an image via drag-and-drop or browse.

  3. To move your photo header: Click and drag on your image to move and place as desired.

  4. To blur your photo header: Click on the Blur option and use the slider to auto-update your setting.

  5. To darken or lighten the overlay for your photo header: Click on the Overlay option and use the slider to auto-update your setting.

  6. To change the size of your photo header: Click on the Size options to resize to Small, Medium, or Full-Screen.

  7. To save your changes: Click on the checkmark button or simply click outside of the header area.

Setting Layout Style

There are 3 layout types available from the header options:

  1. Masonry: This collage format displays item thumbnails at their original proportions.
  2. Meticulous: This balanced format crops item thumbnails to fit them to regular columns, with a relaxed approach to rows.
  3. Grid: This structured format crops item thumbnails to fit them to regular columns and rows.

Creating & Organizing Sections

  1. Hover and click above or between sections, and click the (+) button to Create New Section Title.

  2. Add a Title and/or Description, if desired.

    Pro Tip: Use a Description without a Title to include an extra dividing line, perfect for visually sub-dividing your sections in share links.

  3. Use the up and down arrows to reorganize your sections as desired.

Resizing Items

  1. Hover over an item and use the Set Item Size options to resize to 1, 2, 3, or 4 columns.

  2. Pro Tip: To resize multiple items at once, select multiple items and use the same Set Item Size tool on the selection toolbar to set items between 1 and 4 columns.

Adding a Color Swatch

  1. Use the (+) button to Add a Swatch to your board, or hover over a section and use the (+) button to Add a Swatch to that section.

  2. Type in the HEX value of your Swatch color.

  3. Click on the title of your New Swatch to update as desired.

Adding a Note

  1. Use the (+) button to Add a Note to your Board, or hover over a section and use the (+) button to Add a Note to that section.

  2. Fill in your Note title, content body, and even a description.

  3. If desired, use the formatting tools to structure your note content.

Selecting & Organizing Items

  1. Simply click and drag to select multiple items, or hold Ctrl/Cmd or Shift to reveal the selection toolbar and to select ranges of items on your board.

  2. Click and drag items to move them to a new section, or use the section move tool to send all selected items to a specific section.

  3. Click and drag a single item at a time to move within the layout as desired.

Sharing Your Board and Items

You can share your board as well as specific items on the Board by clicking on the sharing button () in the upper right corner. If sharing the entire board, visitors will be able to view and comment on all items in the Board. If sharing a specific item, they'll only be able to view and comment on that specific item.

When sharing a board, you'll have the option to easily share the Board via social media by clicking the icon for the social media channel you'd like to share the board on.

Password Protecting Your Shared Board

By default, sharing a board generates a random alphanumeric URL. The uniqueness of this randomly generated URL helps ensure that unwanted visitors can't stumble upon your board. If you need additional security, you can optionally password protect your Board so that anyone who visits the share link must enter a password. To password protect your board:

  1. Click the settings icon () in the upper right

  2. Toggle "Password-protect board in share links"

  3. Enter the password you'd like to use and click Save to enable password protection for that board

Once enabled, anyone visiting the share link associated with that Board will be prompted to enter the password before they're able to access the board.

Disabling Downloads of Board Content

You may want to share some Boards content (e.g. fonts) but not allow downloads of that content for licensing reasons. You can disable downloads of content from your board by doing the following:

  1. Click the settings icon () in the upper right

  2. Toggle "Disable all downloads for non-collaborators"

  3. Check the types of content for which you'd like to allow downloads:

    • Images
    • Fonts
    • Source Files

Commenting & Sketching on Boards

You can add comments to items on your board, allowing discussions of any content in the board. When viewing an item, you can leave a simple comment or you can add an Annotation or a Sketch to emphasize your comment when commenting on an image.

Adding a Sketch to Your Comment

A Sketch lets you directly draw on an image when commenting. To add a Sketch to your comment:

  1. Open the image on which you'd like to comment

  2. Enter your comment

  3. Click the paint brush icon

  4. Draw on the image using the paint brush and highlighter tools and when done, click Done

  5. Click Post Comment to save your comment and sketch

Adding an Annotation to Your Comment

Annotations are similar to how comments in Prototypes behave today: a bubble that draws attention to a particular part of the image. To add an Annotation to an image in your Board:

  1. Open an image on which you'd like to comment

  2. Enter the text of your comment

  3. Click the bullseye icon

  4. Click on the image and position your Annotation bubble where you'd like

  5. Click Post Comment to add the Annotation and comment

Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcuts available while viewing share links:

  • Arrow keys – Navigate between board items
  • Enter/Spacebar – Zoom in on board item / show or hide comment sidebar
  • Escape – Close current view or menu

Shortcuts available in Edit Mode:

  • All of the above, plus…
  • Command/Control – Select board items (also displays the selection toolbar)
  • Shift – Select board items (also displays the selection toolbar)
  • Escape – Deselect currently selected items

Pro Tip: Click and drag to select multiple board items at once, and then use Command/Control to remove items from your selection.


How can I view my Boards from my iPad?

At this time, viewing Boards from an iPad is not supported.

How do I know when my images are done uploading?

Just as in prototypes, boards takes advantage of our global uploader. Just scroll up to the top of your board and click on the blue spinner to watch progress on your board uploads:

Why aren't some of my files uploading?

Boards support a wide variety of file formats and file name characters. However, Boards do not support system-type files such as EXE, BAK, PART, and other potentially dangerous content. While using the InVision Sync services (Google Drive, Box, Dropbox), attempting to upload these system file types along with a batch of other files will prevent any files from uploading, for security reasons. Please refresh and try again without the sensitive file types, and your upload should proceed as expected.

If you are having trouble uploading any other file types, please contact Support.

I get notifications for some items and not others. When should I expect to be notified?

Boards can gather a lot of feedback, so we’ve given you some helpful tools to help control the amount of email and notifications you receive. Even if you are a collaborator on a board, you will only receive notifications for board items which you A) uploaded or B) previously commented on.

Email notifications will follow the settings on your account, and individual email notifications also give you the power to unsubscribe from comments on particular items. However, please note: Commenting on that item again will re-subscribe you to those notifications.

Why do some of my section titles and descriptions look different?

We’ve made some helpful improvements to help you organize your content.

  • Pull quotes: Create a new section with no content, and your description will be displayed at a larger size.
  • Section sub-dividers: Create a new section with content but no title, and a solid line will be included in place of your title.

Can I view a board on my mobile phone?

Share links for boards are fully responsive, so you can view your boards on mobile devices and tablets. Edit Mode is not available on mobile devices.

How will permissions work for my team or company?

Permissions will follow your account-level settings and will work just as with prototypes. If you’re not a collaborator on a board, you can still view a share link or – as allowed – “Join as a collaborator.”

How do I share a specific item from my board, rather than my entire board?

Just click on the item to view full details, and click on the share button () to find a share link for that specific item. The viewer will only be able to see this item, and will not be able to access your board or other items.

What is the bar of colors in the comment sidebar for?

This is a handy guide to the color palette for the current image. In Edit Mode, this palette even allows you to click on a particular color to add it to your board.

Why don't my Sketch files have thumbnails?

At this time, we don't generate thumbnails for Sketch files like we do for PSDs or PDFs. However, we are actively working on adding support for thumbnails for Sketch files.

If you have any feedback, we’d love to hear from you! Contact Support to share your thoughts.

Can I copy or duplicate my board?

Here’s how to duplicate your board:

  1. Go to your boards homepage.
  2. Hover over the board you want to copy/duplicate and click the More button (“...”).
  3. Click the copy icon.
  4. Click the green Duplicate button.

When you duplicate a board, the copy includes all files and assets, but will not include conversations or collaborators.

How do I delete a board?

Please note that we’re unable to restore deleted boards.

To delete a board:

  1. On your Boards homepage, hover over your board and click the More button (•••).
  2. Click the trashcan icon.
  3. Click Delete to confirm the deletion.

How do I remove a collaborator from my board?

To remove a collaborator from your board:

  1. Go to your board.
  2. Click the + sign.

  3. Click the checkmark next to the collaborator’s name.

  4. Once you click the checkmark, the icon will turn into a + sign, meaning the person is no longer collaborating on the board.