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How do I create and apply a hotspot template?

Here’s how to set up and apply hotspot templates:

1.  Create a hotspot on an action button/link. In the hotspot setup, select the destination screen.
2.  Check the Include in Hotspot setting.
3.  Click Create New (when initially setting up hotspot) or select the pre-created hotspot from the dropdown and click Save.
4.  Repeat the above steps for any additional templated hotspots on this screen only.

Once you've added all the hotspots to your template on that screen, go to any other screen. From the templates drop down, click the check box next to the template.  

When uploading screens from the Screens tab, hotspot templates resize and reposition automatically if a screen size changes. Note: When applying hotspot templates, we still recommend that screens are the same size and pixel density to ensure the best fit.

How do I remove a hotspot template?
To remove a hotspot template, first go into Build mode in your prototype. On the top of the page, open the drop-down menu for hotspot templates, hover over the one you'd like to delete, and click the trash can icon.

Can I change my screens from 1x to 2x and keep my hotspots?
Yes. Follow our steps for replacing a screen, and your hotspots should adjust. Your hotspots should also adjust if downscaling from 2x to 1x. 

Can hotspots automatically scale when syncing with Craft? 
This feature is limited to screens uploaded via the web UI. With Craft, hotspots will display in a position relative to any original screens.