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Do I have to use HTTPS with my Jira Server and Confluence Server integrations?

InVision's Jira Server and Confluence Server integrations work primarily with HTTPS. This article details how to update to HTTPS to avoid encountering errors with our integrations.

If you are reluctant to switch to HTTPS, we do currently offer limited support for HTTP. Read the section "Troubeshooting HTTP" for more information.

Switching to HTTPS

If you receive an error after pasting a share link into your integration, it’s likely that your server is not configured with an SSL certificate or is not communicating over HTTPS.


The most likely scenario is that on your staging (non-production) instance, your server is hosted without an SSL certificate. There are many solutions available for basic SSL certificates for these types of scenarios, both free and paid.

When switching to HTTPS, it’s important to make sure that Jira Base URL is changed. To do this, please navigate to:

<Jira server URL>/secure/admin/ViewApplicationProperties.jspa

If it still points to HTTP, click Edit settings to update.


Once you have added your SSL certificate and are serving traffic over HTTPS you should have no problem installing and utilizing InVision integrations.

Troubleshooting HTTP

if you are using HTTP and the add-on isn't loading in Chrome, you will need to clear your Chrome cache.