Walkthrough of the UI for DSM

Sketch DSM plugin UI tour

Upon opening the DSM Sketch plugin, you’ll notice two panes- the left pane contains a list of elements, and the right pane contains a preview and an add button. 

In the lefthand list, you can expand the following options for additional information: 

  • Colors
  • Text Styles
  • Layer Styles
  • Icons
  • Components


The top of the plugin contains a dropdown menu where you can toggle between DSM accounts, switch versions of a library, release a new version, view version history, manage permissions, and manage symbols. You can also use this menu to import a new library, add collaborators, update your profile, and sign out. The small arrow icon syncs your library.



Accessing the DSM web view

To access the web view and the additional details that are available there, select the library name within DSM, then hover over the library name to reveal and click View on the web.

Selecting this option opens a browser window or tab, and if you have a valid session cookie the DSM library will be accessed directly, otherwise an InVision login prompt will be displayed. If you have a library available, you will be prompted to invite members to the library.