Version Control in DSM

Version control

Note: For a quick visual walkthrough of version control in DSM, check out the DSM Learn Hub.

Design System Manager (DSM) version control fundamentally improves the way you build and manage your design system. The versioning feature is only available on the DSM Enterprise plan. To learn more, check out our comparison of DSM plans.

Creating a new version

When you’re ready to release a new version of your library to your team, you’ll do that from within the Sketch tool.

  1. Click the DSM icon (dsm.png) or use the shortcut Command + L.
  2. Click the drop-down menu, and then hover over your library name.
  3. Click Release new version.
  4. Enter the version name and a description.
  5. Click Create Version.


The new version is pushed to all team members, and they can access the updated assets and styles immediately. No manual opt-in or download is required.

When you publish a new version, all signed-in users see a notification at the bottom of the DSM modal.


Clicking See What’s New opens the DSM web view, showing a page with all the changes made in the new version. Clicking Switch changes your view to the new library version.

Note: If someone is viewing your DSM library, but they are not signed in to an InVision account, they will not see this notification. 

Switching between versions

To switch library versions:

  1. Click the DSM icon (dsm.png) or use the shortcut Command + L.
  2. In the top left, click the drop-down menu.
  3. Hover over your library name and click Switch Version.
  4. Click the version you want to switch to.

The top left of the DSM modal will show the name of the library currently used.


Viewing version history

To see a version history along with their details:

  1. Click the DSM icon (dsm.png) or use the shortcut Command + L.
  2. Click the drop-down menu and hover over your library name.
  3. Click Version history.

The DSM web view will open and you can use the ••• (more) menus to view a specific version or compare it with a previous version.


If you compare with a previous version, you’ll see a list of the assets that were added, removed, and changed. Changed items will automatically be compared side by side. Click the item, and then click Highlight Differences to see specific changes.


If at any time you need to return to the version history while in the DSM web view, navigate to the top right of your library's main page and click the version history icon (version-history-icon.png).



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Version Control in DSM