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Limited support available to customers on our free plan

Basic support for customers on paid, non-Enterprise plans

Premium support for our Enterprise customers

Global support for Enterprise customers needing 24x5 coverage

Complete support for Enterprise customers needing expedited responses

Cost Included with Free Included with Starter, Professional & Team plans Included with all Enterprise plans Additional $5000 per year or 10% of contract value, whichever greater Additional $25000 per year or 20% of contract value, whichever greater  
Support Hours N/A Weekdays 8am-8pm ET Weekdays 8am-8pm ET 24x5 24x7  
Guaranteed Time to First Reply N/A N/A N/A <2 hours <1 hour  
Community Support  
Email Support No  
Phone Support No No  
Chat Support No No No No  
Uptime Guarantee N/A N/A N/A N/A  


We go above and beyond to ensure our customers are happy and it shows with a 98% customer satisfaction score.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase Gold or Platinum support if I'm not an Enterprise Customer?

Only InVision Enterprise customers are eligible for our Gold and Platinum tiers of support. To learn more about the other benefits of Enterprise, please visit invisionapp.com/enterprise.

What is a guaranteed time to first reply?

Gold and Platinum plans guarantee we will reply to your ticket within a certain timeframe. For Gold plans, we guarantee reply within 2 hours. Platinum guarantees a reply within 1 hour.

How should I decide between plans?

Our Gold and Platinum plans are recommended for large enterprises, while our basic plans (Free, Bronze and Silver) are recommended for smaller companies under 200 employees.

What self-help resources are available?

Our Help Center can be found at support.invisionapp.com and contains our Getting Started Guide for new users as well as a Knowledge Base filled with answers to many common questions. Customers can also benefit from the "Learn" database accessible exclusively from within the app.

My help tickets have run the gamut—from simple to complex—but I’m always struck by the speed at which I’m provided a detailed and thoughtful answer or creative workaround to my problem.

Kerry Hebert

Principal UX Designer

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