Share settings for document links
  • 03 May 2023
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Share settings for document links

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This article provides answers for InVision V7. If you're on InVision V6, read this article instead. Not sure which version you're using? Find out now.

When choosing the share settings for a specific document link in InVision V7, you'll want to know details about each setting. To change link settings for your document, on the Members & Guests tab of the share dialog, click the Settings link, and choose one of the options described below.

Who can open the document?

By default, the global team sharing setting for document access is automatically restricted to Team members with the link. For added flexibility, however, you can also manage document-specific permissions for individuals as well as the document link itself.

A team owner or admin can change the global default sharing setting as needed, though we recommend reviewing the "Set the default document setting" section of Configuring InVision V7 team sharing settings first.

Choose who can access your document:

  • Anyone with the link: This setting is perfect for allowing easy sharing with anyone—including people who do not belong to your InVision V7 team or Enterprise. With this setting enabled, anonymous users who have the document link can view the prototype as well as register and join your account with their team role set to guest.
  • Members of [Your Team] with the link: This setting ensures that only people on your team (excluding guests) who have the document link and are signed in can can access the prototype. People who are not signed in to InVision cannot view the documents.
  • People invited: This setting further limits document access, allowing only people you have specifically invited to open these documents.

By adding the document to a group, you have control over who can discover and access your document without a link. Discoverability depends on the type of group you choose:

  • Members of [Your Team]: This will create a team group, so all your teammates can discover and access documents within the group as well as from the Team Documents tab.
    Note: Guests can only discover documents within the group if they've been explicitly invited to the group.
  • People Invited: This will create an invite-only group, so only teammates you have invited to the group can discover and access the documents within. An invite-only group helps you secure whatever needs securing.
    Note: Invite-only groups require a paid account.

If you need to create a new team group or invite-only group, check out this article: How do I create a group?

Team owners and admins can access and manage all freehands, prototypes, groups, and spaces in the account if the team sharing setting Allow admins to manage all documents and spaces is selected. For more information about team sharing settings, read: Configuring InVision V7 team sharing settings.

What permissions do people have for my document?

You can set document permissions for both invited collaborators and everyone else who visits your document. To learn more, read: Permission settings for documents.

For more information on sharing documents, read: Sharing InVision V7 documents.

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