About the course
  • 01 Feb 2023
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About the course

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Article Summary

Version control in DSM

Version control in DSM is a self-guided learning experience to help you manage and release a design system as well as swap and track changes between published versions of a system.

You'll learn how to

  • Publish a version of a design system using semantic versioning
  • Write informative and engaging release notes 
  • View, swap, and compare different versions of a design system


  • You'll have access to on-demand videos
  • You'll have access to step-by-step walkthroughs
  • You'll take two quizzes 

Course Audience

This course is for anyone seeking to create multiple versions of a design system. It’s best for design system facilitators who communicate with the whole team—designers and developers—to scale a design system and progressively release  versions for the system’s end users.

  • 👥 Design system makers: DSM admins and editors


You’ll need to access DSM through your InVision account and through the DSM-Sketch plugin. 

The version control feature is only available to DSM Enterprise plans.

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