Use the people smart object
  • 08 Jun 2023
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Use the people smart object

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The People smart object is a list of users within Freehand. Each person can be pulled out of the main people smart object, creating a sticker of their avatar.

Drag and drop people stickers onto other smart objects, such as the card.

You can choose other layouts for the people stickers to fit your purpose. For example, if you're doing organization planning, the vertical layout which shows full name and email may be a better option.

Add a smart object to the canvas

Smart objects are located in the Explore menu.

  1. In the toolbar, select Explore.
  2. Scroll or search to find the object you want.
  3. Drag and drop the object onto the canvas, or select it once to add it in the center.
On your keyboard, enter / and type the name of any object to find it faster.

Edit the people smart object layout

There are different layouts available for the people smart object: a sticker of the avatar (the default layout), horizontal pill, or a vertical card.

To edit the layout of the people smart object:

  1. Select a person sticker.
  2. Choose one of the following options:
    • Avatar.
    • Horizontal—it includes name and email address.
    • Vertical—it includes name, title, and email address.

Use cases for the people smart object

A person sticker's most obvious companion is the card. Drag a person sticker on to a card, and the card is assigned to them. If you've set up Freehand's integration with Jira, the assignee information is synced back to Jira, so you never have to leave Freehand.

If you're doing visual planning, such as resourcing for a project or organization planning, people stickers are a great option. You can add people stickers to the canvas without inviting people to your document.

You can also use the people stickers as visual reminders for who's going to do something. Use frames to present, but never sure who speaks next? Drag and drop a person sticker above the frame for a quick visual reminder.

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