Manage access to your team and your documents
  • 08 May 2023
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Manage access to your team and your documents

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Article Summary

InVision offers several settings and sharing options you can configure to ensure you maintain your company security standards. This article covers different ways to secure access to your account and your documents.

Manage access to your team

The article InVision V7 team settings summarizes all the settings available for your team. The team settings that allow you to control access to your team are the following:

  • To determine who can join your team—and enable Approved Domains if desired—configure the new members access settings. The article Approved Domains for InVision V7 teams includes more information about Approved domains.
  • If you’re on an Enterprise team, you can require Single sign-on (SSO) for your team. To learn how to configure and fine-tune your team's sign-in experience, read SSO Settings in InVision V7.
  • Enterprise teams can also enable SCIM provisioning for their teams. To complete all steps required for SCIM provisioning, read SCIM Provisioning for InVision V7.
  • Enterprise team owners can also customize their password requirements and set time out sessions for their account (choosing whether inactive teammates should get signed out). To learn more about how you can customize these settings see:

The different user roles available in InVision V7 allow you to configure permissions for users in your account. Learn more about user roles here: InVision user roles.

Manage access to documents in your team

By default, only the user that creates a document has access to it. People on your team—including owners, admins, and managers—don't automatically have access to every document created in the account.

That said, there are different ways to share documents with people inside and outside the team. The following articles include more information about sharing documents and manage who can access them:

With InVision, you can also adjust different settings to customize the sharing options available for users in your team. To establish how team members share documents and spaces with people inside and outside your team, configure your team sharing settings. Read Configuring InVision V7 team sharing settings to learn more about the different options available for your team.

Share documents with people outside your team

Sometimes, you may want to share a document with users that aren’t part of your team. In this case, InVision offers different options to customize their experience and permissions:

Learn more about InVision’s security measures in the Security page.

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