Facilitate an activity: DSM+Sketch
  • 01 Feb 2023
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Facilitate an activity: DSM+Sketch

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Article Summary

A design system is a team effort.

In this activity, you’ll gather perspectives from various people on your team to explore new approaches and identify themes for your design system architecture.

The purpose of the activity is to discuss and align on how you'll name and organize your design elements in Sketch. 

With your collaborators, you will: 

  • Evaluate and discuss how to name design elements.
  • Evaluate and discuss how flexible your system will be for users.
  • Discuss your best practices and design decisions for working on your design system in Sketch and how this information will be communicated to others.

What You'll Need

  • You
  • Designer(s)
  • Developer(s)
  • Sample UI components from your design
  • Freehand template (included)


  1. Gather your team of design system makers. You'll want to hear from both designers and developers.
  2. Decide on naming conventions and your shared language for your Sketch files.
  3. Decide on how flexible and rigid your design elements will be when used by designers.
  4. Communicate your design system decisions and best practices for Sketch to your team.

Collaborate in Freehand

To bring this activity template into your InVision account:

  • Sign in to your InVision account and Create a new Freehand. 
  • Once you name your freehand, you can choose to start from a Blank document. 
  • Copy and paste the activity below in your Freehand environment.

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