DSM in Inspect
  • 28 Feb 2023
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DSM in Inspect

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Article Summary

If you are using Design System Manager (DSM) to build your prototypes in Sketch, you can view DSM data directly in Inspect.

Before you start

Before getting started, there are a few things to be aware of:

  • DSM in Inspect is only available for Sketch prototypes synced via Craft Sync. 
  • To view DSM data in Inspect, you must have access to the DSM organization and design system that are referenced. Learn more about DSM roles and permissions.
  • DSM data in Inspect is only accessible for InVision V6 users on an Enterprise plan. If you're using InVision V7, check out this article instead.

Supported data types

The following types of Sketch data are supported with DSM in Inspect:


For layers to have DSM data in Inspect, you must first save that layer as a symbol in Sketch and upload it to your DSM design system. If it’s not saved as a symbol, you won’t see the data in Inspect.

If using DSM Enterprise, you can amplify the value of the DSM and Inspect integration by setting up interactive coded components in DSM. Learn more about DSM Live Components.

Viewing DSM data

In the left-hand layers panel of Inspect, DSM items are denoted by purple icons.

Select a layer from the layers panel, or select a layer on the artboard directly. The right-hand informational panel will then display a DSM section with the relevant data. Click any of the data points to view the DSM documentation site.

Switching design systems

If an item is found in multiple DSM design systems, Inspect allows you to view data from each.

In the DSM section of the right-hand information panel, next to the design system name, click the drop-down and select the appropriate system. The displayed information will change to reflect the chosen design system.


You will only see the drop-down if the item is found in multiple design systems.

To learn more about Inspect, check out our Knowledge Base.

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