Documentation features
  • 31 Jan 2023
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Documentation features

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Article Summary

InVision DSM offers a range of features to help you organize and structure your documentation. Each feature will give you the power to best communicate information to each stakeholder group effectively

Create as many documentation tabs as you need to group content together.

This also declutters the main component group page and ensure your users don’t have to scroll too much to see your visual components.

You can add Images & GIFS to any documentation level or tab.

Use images to to provide examples of do’s and don’ts or GIFS to illustrate how a component animates or interacts.

You can also us theses for documenting layer styles such as gradients, borders or shadows.

Links give you the ability to direct users to external sites (such as live examples of where components are used, or a public styleguide).

The best use of links however is to direct users to other parts of your design system

Give your developers the ability to interact or understand the makeup of a component by embedding prototypes, Inspect & Specs directly into DSM.

This avoids having to switch back and forth between two applications making your design system the central point of truth

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