Design system visitors
  • 01 Feb 2023
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Design system visitors

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Article summary

There are two types of visitors for your design system, those within your organization and those outside your organization. This group of people essentially aren't involved in the creation or maintenance of it like your team of design system makers and collaborators are. 

Internal stakeholders

Your internal or organizational stakeholders are consumers of your design system, and they don't necessarily contribute to it. 

Who are they? That's up to you to decide on your internal stakeholder audience. Here are a few groups that may have a vested interest in your design system's success: 

  • Marketing team
  • UX professionals
  • Content and copywriters
  • Engineering
  • Business and value-interested team members
For internal stakeholders, so long as they are members of your InVision account, they can access your design systems in DSM without being assigned a role in DSM.

External stakeholders

Your external stakeholders are members of the public, meaning they are outside of your organization. They could include: 

  • Customers and clients
  • Partners and agencies

For external stakeholders, you have the option to make one or more design systems open for public viewing. When you set up your system or system of systems, consider if and how you want this group of stakeholders to view and use your design system. 

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