Customizing your design system appearance
  • 07 Feb 2023
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Customizing your design system appearance

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Article Summary

This guide references an Enterprise feature in the new DSM.

If you're a DSM Enterprise customer, you can customize your design system to match your brand guidelines and your team's preferences. Add a logo, customize colors, and manage the layout of your top navigation items and your component tabs.

To customize the appearance of your design system site:

  1. Sign in to the DSM web view and open your design system.
  2. In the bottom toolbar, click the settings icon () and select Settings.
  3. On the left, click the Customization dropdown and select the item you want to customize:
    • Top navigation: Rename, reorder, hide, add, or delete specific section links in the navigation at the top of your design system site.
    • Component tab orderDrag-and-drop items to edit the order of the tab structure applied to every component page.
    • ThemeEdit the visual appearance of your DSM documentation site.
    • Logo: Upload a new logo for the design system.
      You can upload a PNG or JPEG file (1 MB max) of the logo, which will be resized to maximum dimensions of 80x40 pixels (or 160x80 for Retina displays).
  4. After you’ve finished making your adjustments, click Apply Changes.invision-new-dsm-web-customization-settings.gif

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