Activity: Scoping Your MVP
  • 31 Jan 2023
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Activity: Scoping Your MVP

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Article Summary

Unless you have unlimited resources, it's unlikely that you can invest in building a complete design system at the first time of trying. So, you’ll need to start somewhere.

Defining an MVP is a great why of having a North Star to work towards. It will keep your team focused, provide you with some tangible you can show and trial in a relatively short period of time


Take what you've learned so far about what is typically included in a design system MVP, considering the resources you have dedicated to this project, and define what your DSM MVP will consist of.

Keep in mind, this is what we will use as a reference when determining the readiness of your design system before its rollout.


  • Design System stakeholders


1 hour



  1. Bring the relevant design system stakeholders together to align on expectations for your MVP
  2. Determine which style-based patterns will be included in your MVP (e.g. brand colors, web-typography, mobile border styles, etc)
  3. Share with wider team for feedback & setting expectations

What You Should Know:

  • Building a design system should be a marathon not a sprint, so start small and iterate quickly. Tackle the basics of your design system and get teams using it and then work in an agile way to release new components and versions.
  • Start with what you have. Don’t spend a huge amount of time ‘creating’ new components to put into your design system. Look at what you have, what’s in good shape and focus on those as part of your first iteration.

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