Activity: Onboarding your users
  • 31 Jan 2023
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Activity: Onboarding your users

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Article Summary

Start working on your "Getting Started" section of the design system.

Consider your "Getting Started" section of your design system as the first thing you should share to users before they get access to your component, documentation and coded components.

Your "Getting Started" guide can be used as an onboarding tool, so think about everything a designer, developer needs to know in order to do their job effectively. It should cover, tooling, processes, and training


  1. Outline the structure and content of your "Getting Started" section
  2. Make it a team exercise, and use it as a chance to uncover existing knowledge gaps or inefficiencies that can be addressed via documentation
  3. Include the dev team and invite them to think of their own design system onboarding section
  4. Build corresponding folders/pages and document it all in DSM

What You Should Know

  • Talk to those who have onboarded recently and ask them the question, "What do you know now that you’d have liked to have known when you first started?"
  • Don’t forget to touch on topics such as:
    • Naming conventions (shared vocabulary)
    • How you prototype
    • When versions are released
    • How collaboration between design + development work

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