Activity: MVP design system Rollout plan
  • 31 Jan 2023
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Activity: MVP design system Rollout plan

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You'll find the workbook to help you complete this activity in the sidebar under "Resources."

Teams are often so focused on building the system, that the distribution of the system is overlooked, or left as an afterthought. This is the real beginning of your design system journey, opening it up for use. Having a clear rollout plan is key to successful adoption of the system

Build material that will help you roll out, train and get adoption from your team.


  • Designer
  • Developer
  • Other relevant stakeholders


Think through how you will approach each of the following questions as part of your rollout plan.


  1. Who?
    • Which groups will you be rolling this out to? The earlier we can let them know the better!
  2. When?
    • What will be the order of the rollout? Will you rollout to everyone at once? Or one at a time?
    • How will you communicate this to users and stakeholders?
  3. How Often?
    • If doing a phased rollout, what will the cadence be?
    • When will the second, third or fourth round of rollouts occur?
    • Does certain success criteria need to be met to rollout to another group?
  4. What?
    • What occurs as part of a rollout?
    • Will there be a lunch and learn? Formal training sessions? A retro or feedback session?
Don't go in blind: Have a plan in place for how this will be distributed and adjust as needed.

Collect feedback: Include avenues for team members to share feedback on what’s working, what’s not and areas for improvement.

Rollout prerequisites

Planning ahead will help you succeed. Here are some things to track as part of your rollout planning:

  1. Scope the rollout deliverable(s)
  2. Identify people & roles
  3. Set timelines & milestones
  4. Develop "definition of done"
  5. Map user pains & requirements
  6. Align rollout to a need or purpose
  7. Establish a definition of a successful rollout
It's up to you to define what a successful design system rollout looks like for your team. It's important to align on what this means, before you roll it out, in order to measure how successful you are in hitting your targets.

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