Activity: Create your source file management strategy
  • 31 Jan 2023
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Activity: Create your source file management strategy

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Article Summary

File version control, including that of both individual production files and design system files, is a key cog in design team efficiency.

DSM provides tools to control versions on the system level, which means that team’s have the autonomy to choose their individual file version control approach.


Work as a design team to produce a well defined strategy, and rules of engagement, for how to manage and make changes to your master library files.


  • Designer(s)


  1. Assess which tools are currently available for your team
  2. Based on the complexity of your libraries, narrow down your file management options
  3. Align on the option that best fits your team's needs

What you should know

  • Keep it simple. If you have a reasonable amount of libraries, and a reasonable amount of system editors, using a shared drive should be sufficient.
  • The one key to this, is communication. Make sure to know who is working on which file, and when.

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