Activity: Communication plan
  • 31 Jan 2023
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Activity: Communication plan

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Article Summary

Work together with you Makers to determine how releases will be communicated across your set of stakeholders and what follow ups are required.

Once a release goes live, it will be the responsibility of the design system team to communicate out the changes across the organization. In the DSM web view, design system users will automatically be updated that a new version is available to view. In Sketch, the DSM Plugin will show that there are updates available to the Sketch library.

Think through how you will approach each of the following questions as part of your review plan. You can include the answer within DSM, as part of your governance process documentation.


  • Designer
  • Developer


  1. Stakeholders
    • Who needs to be notified of a new release? Keep in mind there are likely many stakeholders across different groups who need some level of notification, but the depth of details may vary.
  2. Platform
    • How are stakeholders notified?
    • Is there one approach or multiple ways the information is communicated? We recommend sending out an email communication at the very least, but teams also post in Slack, Confluence, or discuss at team meetings.
  3. Details
    • What details need to be included in the release? Some groups might need a high level notification, while others will be directly impacted on active projects and might need to know details as to why the update was made or if it’s a breaking change.
  4. Implications
    • What follow ups need to occur from here? This might include backlog tickets for new components or updates to existing production code.
TipBelow is an example of how one team handled their different communication needs.

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