Accessing Inspect
  • 01 Feb 2023
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Accessing Inspect

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The most common ways to access Inspect are through:

📱 An InVision Prototype

Inspect is accessible via an InVision Prototype. 

To enable access to Inspect, your design must upload their design from to InVision through Craft Sync.

Not seeing Inspect? Here’s how to help your design team help you.

Enable access to Inspect in an InVision prototype in two easy steps:

  1. Designers should download and install Craft by InVision for Sketch.
  2. Designers then use Craft Sync to upload select or all designs.

You’ll now be able to see Inspect mode from the prototype toolbar. 

If you’re still not seeing it, reach out to your InVision account admin to double-check you have the minimum permissions to view Inspect.

Tip: If you’d like to be able to download assets in Inspect, let your designer know to export the artboards to one or more your preferred specification, like PNG or SVG.

📄 A Jira issue

If Jira is part of your development workflow, you can add an InVision prototype with Inspect enabled to a Jira issue. 

Attach InVision share links to an issue, then open and interact with prototypes. You'll be able view annotations, communicate with the design team, and access Inspect to get specs and download assets. 

For more information on setting up InVision for Jira, check out our Support articles, Integrating InVision with Jira Cloud and Jira Server.

⚙️ A DSM design system component page

DSM provides a central location for documentation, design, guidelines, and code. 

You're able to embed a link to an InVision prototype in a design system's component page. 

While you may already have the code for a particular component, using this lets you view the prototype's flow and access Inspect mode to see how your design system elements are collocated and working together within your product. 

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