What are the differences between viewers, collaborators, and team members?
  • 09 Jan 2023
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What are the differences between viewers, collaborators, and team members?

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Article Summary

The following roles only apply to Free, Starter, Professional, and Team plans. If you are on the Enterprise platform, check out this article: What are the Enterprise roles and permissions?

There are four different roles available, each with a varied level of access. These roles include owners, share link viewers, collaborators, and team members.


The owner is the user who pays for the InVision account. The owner has full access to InVision and is able to create, edit, and delete prototypes. They are also able to invite team members to the account.

Team member

Team plans allow for 5 total members: 1 owner and 4 additional team members. Team members have the ability to leave comments; edit and inspect prototypes; add, replace, or delete screens; and add or remove hotspots. Team members can also export prototypes to PDF or ZIP files. Unlike collaborators, they also have the ability to create prototypes on behalf of the Team plan's owner.


Collaborators are added to the prototype via the green Share button at the top right of the prototype dashboard. Collaborators have the same abilities as team members but cannot create or delete prototypes.

Team members and collaborators do have some limitations:

  • They cannot create new Team plan prototypes using Craft Sync. They must first create the prototype in InVision, and then they can update existing prototypes via Craft Sync.
  • They cannot archive or delete prototypes and boards in the Team plan. Only the owner can archive and delete.

Share link viewers are people you send a share link to. They have the ability to view, interact with (click through), and leave comments on prototypes via that share link. Share link viewers must register for an InVision account before they can leave comments.

Share link viewers cannot leave comments via the mobile app or via web view from their mobile device unless they are signed in. Commenting is available on the iOS app only.

Unless they are added as collaborators, share link viewers will not see your shared prototypes in their account.

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