How do I copy screens to a different prototype?
  • 05 Jan 2023
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How do I copy screens to a different prototype?

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Article Summary

This article provides answers for InVision V7

To confirm your version, check the upper right corner of your dashboard. On V6? Check out this article instead.

With prototypes in InVision V7, you can duplicate screens from one prototype to be easily reused in a different prototype.

Before you start

Here are a few things to note before copying screens between prototypes:

  • What is included: Copied screens include the original hotspots (if both the origin and destination screens are included) and Inspect data (if available in the original screens).
  • What is NOT included: Copied screens do not include the original comments or the screen history. Hotspots won’t be included if they are linked to a screen that doesn’t exist in the prototype with the duplicate screens.
  • If you don’t want to add new screens and not overwrite existing ones, make sure the file name for each screen is unique across prototypes. If you copy a screen from prototype A, and that screen shares the same file name as another screen in prototype B, the screen from A will overwrite the existing screen in B.

Copying screens to another prototype

To copy screens to a different prototype:

  1. Sign in to your InVision V7 account and open the prototype with the screens you want to move.
  2. Select the screens you want to copy.
  3. At the bottom of the page, click Send to.
  4. On the left sidebar, select Prototype.
  5. To copy the screens to a new prototype, type the name of the new prototype and click Create. Alternatively, open the Select existing tab, select the prototype, and click Update.

Keep in mind that you have only copied the screens to the other prototype (B). The original screens will remain in the original prototype (A) unless you delete them.

Copying screens from one prototype to the other

If the original prototype A belongs to a space, the new prototype B will automatically be created in the same space. If prototype A doesn't belong to a space, prototype B will be created outside of a space. To add or move a document to a space, check out this article: Adding or moving InVision V7 documents to a space

Updating duplicate screens

After you copy screens for the first time, prototype B will appear under prototype A’s linked documents.

If you need to update those screens, or copy more screens from prototype A to B, follow the steps above again, or simply drag and drop the selected screens to the prototype tile.


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