Freehand tools
  • 04 May 2023
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Freehand tools

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Article Summary

This article provides answers for InVision V7

To confirm your version, check the upper right corner of your dashboard.

Freehand includes tools and templates to boost your team’s collaboration and workflow. Pin your favourite tools to the toolbar for quick access.

Find tools under Explore in every freehand document.

Tools only appear in the toolbar for desktop.

For more information on specific tools, explore the following list:

  • Adobe XD: Use the Adobe XD add-on to curate and contextualize designs in Freehand so collaborators can give feedback.
  • Asana: Use the Asana add-on to import Asana tasks into Freehand and create Asana tasks from sticky notes and cards.
  • Azure DevOps: Use the Azure DevOps add-on to import Azure work items to Freehand and create new Azure work items from sticky notes and cards.
  • Chart: Use the Chart add-on to create charts.
  • Color Swatches: Add color swatches into Freehand to help identify specific colors for branding or expand creativity in working sessions.
  • FigmaUse the Figma add-on to curate and contextualize designs in Freehand so collaborators can give feedback.
  • Giphy: Use the Giphy add-on to add GIFs to the Freehand canvas, making your presentations and working sessions fun and engaging.
  • Google: Embed Google content directly into the freehand.
  • InspectThe Inspect add-on simplifies the design-to-development process. Use the Inspect add-on to access measurements, colors, assets, and code for your designs.
  • JiraUse the Jira add-on to import Jira issues to Freehand and create Jira issues directly from sticky notes and cards.
  • Loom: Use the Loom add-on to record a video walkthrough to add context to your freehand.
  • Mode: Embed live Mode reports so you can link work to live data.
  • Prototypes: Import screens from your prototypes and embed fully functional InVision prototypes directly into your freehand.
  • Spinner: Use the Spinner add-on to choose a winner from everyone active in a freehand.
  • This or That: Use the This or That add-on to decide between two things.
  • Timer: Use the timer to keep track of timed tasks to keep collaborators engaged and focused.
  • Trello: Use the Trello add-on to import Trello cards into Freehand and create Trello cards directly from sticky notes and cards.
  • Unsplash: Use the Unsplash add-on to add high quality stock images from Unsplash to your freehand.
  • Videos: Embed YouTube or Vimeo videos directly into the freehand so you can watch a video while you collaborate.
  • Wireframe: Create a wireframe right in Freehand and share with your team to start collaborating.
You can add action buttons to your freehand to help other people open Freehand tools and integrations from the freehand canvas.

To learn more about embedding your content in Freehand, read Embed content in Freehand

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