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InVision Learn FAQs

InVision Learn is where you will find learning resources for InVision products, soft skills, and your path to design maturity. The following are some common questions you may have regarding InVision Learn. How do I sign in? To ...

Switching from one InVision team to another

In both InVision V6 and InVision V7, you can join or create multiple teams. Each team serves as the hub for content and collaboration for the members of that team. If you have created or joined more than one InVision team, you ...

How do I sign up for the Inside Design blog?

If you want to stay informed about what's happening in the design world as well as what's happening at InVision, it's as easy as subscribing to updates from our blog! Inside Design is also a great place to get free design resou...

Why am I seeing a "You appear to be a robot" message?

You might see the message You appear to be a robot if you're viewing an InVision prototype via an unusual method rather than directly in a supported web browser. This error is displayed as part of security measure designed to p...

Does InVision support @3x design?

At this time, we do not support @3x design. Screens uploaded with the @3x suffix will not process correctly if uploaded to InVision. We recommend uploading using the @2x suffix. When uploading screens @2x to a mobile prototype,...

Why are my screens showing up pink?

If you're seeing your screens import in pink, chances are that your PDF is  using CMYK format. If in this format, you'll need to re-export the PDF in RGB format and then upload it again to replace the existing version.

Can InVision design an app for me?

InVision is a self-service site. We don't design prototypes on a customer's behalf, but we make it really easy for you to do it yourself! Click here to find out how to get started.

Can I create mockups or wireframes with InVision?

When getting started on a design, it's often helpful to begin with simple mockups or wireframes. While InVision does not have a wireframing-specific tool, many of our users turn to Freehand for their wireframing and mockup need...

Free UI design kits

InVision is happy to offer free design resources, including UI kits, icon packs, and mockups. Check out the following free design kits to help bring your prototypes to life. To explore our entire library of design resources, vi...

InVision Learn

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