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How can I do user testing with the InVision iOS app?

Looking for user feedback on your iOS prototypes? The user test mode for the InVision iOS app has you covered. While working in user test mode, you and your testing group can view and navigate your prototype more like you’ll us...

How do I save a mobile prototype to my phone?

Saving a mobile prototype directly to your phone can give the appearance of actually launching an app, further immersing users into the design experience. If you have an iPhone, the process of saving a mobile prototype to your ...

How do I begin a user test from the InVision iOS app?

The user test mode on the InVision iOS app makes it painless to gather user feedback on your iOS prototypes. To learn more about the user test mode, read this article: User testing with the InVision iOS app To jump right into a...

Why are my images in iOS blurry?

For the most seamless mobile experience, we highly recommend downloading and using the InVision iOS App.  You may still view prototypes in your mobile browser, as well, but it may cause various issues, including image blurrines...

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