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Switching from InVision Sync to Craft Sync

Syncing with Craft allows you to utilize the power of Inspect, enjoy different ways to collaborate, and sync in a fraction of the time. InVision Sync and Craft Sync process your source files differently, and migrating from InVi...

Which files work with InVision Sync?

Here are the files you CAN sync: JPG, PNG, GIF, PSD, PDF, AI, SKETCH Other types of files are not supported and won't be selectable when syncing from these services. For example, you will not be able to sync TTF, OTF, or othe...

Does InVision Sync have file size limits?

Yes. Individual files can be up to 500 MB, and non-Enterprise accounts can hold up to 10 GB. For customers on our Team plan, the 10 GB limit applies to all prototypes owned by the Team regardless of who created them. Enterprise...

Where is InVision Sync on my Mac?

You’ll be able to see it in your sidebar in Finder; however, if you want its actual location, go to: Macintosh HD > Users > your username > InVision

How do I get started with file syncing?

If you're specifically looking for instructions on setting up Craft Manager and the Craft tool suite for Sketch or Photoshop, check this article instead: Using Craft by InVision. Craft Sync lets you sync your artboards from Ske...

What's InVision Sync?

InVision Sync is our free desktop app for Mac. However, since it’s original release, we have created Craft Sync, a much more powerful tool for syncing your Sketch files with InVision. Since launching Craft Sync, many of our use...

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