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Can I reorder my Tour Points?

To edit a Tour Point, go into Comment mode, click the Tour Point, and type a number value. This will edit the sort order on that screen.

How can I reset flashing on my Tour Points?

To reset flashing for your Tour Points, clear your cookies on your browser. Include local data when clearing your browser data, and the flashing should reset. Please note that this feature uses local storage not cookies. In som...

How can I share my Tour?

To show someone your Tour, simply share your prototype by sending them a Share URL, or you can do this via email from within the Share modal. Viewers can toggle through Tour Points using the Next and Previous buttons. They can ...

How can I add a Tour Point?

This article is specific to InVision V6. If you’re on InVision V7, learn to use comment highlights as tour points instead. Not sure which version you're using? Find out now. To create a Tour, go into Comment mode, click to crea...

What are Tours?

The Tours feature lets you walk your users through your prototype—even when you’re not there to speak for yourself. When you're ready to show your viewers a Tour, just share the prototype like you usually do. They'll be able to...

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