DSM and Development

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Example script for using DSM Tokens

To help you get started with DSM Design Tokens, we've created an example script that uses the the DSM Tokens API and Style Dictionary to create style files for different platforms. Use this to explore the API before jumping in ...

Can I inspect components in DSM?

When adding components to DSM, it’s possible to also add an Inspect view. This is helpful when both designers and developers are accessing shared assets in DSM. To add Inspect view to a component: Upload your components to an ...

DSM in Inspect

If you are using Design System Manager (DSM) to build your prototypes in Sketch, you can view DSM data directly in Inspect. Before you start Before getting started, there are a few things to be aware of: DSM in Inspect is only...

Why aren’t certain Sketch properties available in DSM?

Because certain Sketch properties—like z-index—aren’t named, they can't be mapped to the design system in the same way DSM maps text styles and layer styles. Additionally, layers in Sketch documents don’t include a unique ID li...

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