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Freehand Conversations

Updated C

All Boards appear to have static in Chrome

I've tried refreshing the page, closing the browser, opening in a new window, opening incognito but it always shows this vibrating rainbow static. It's been happening for weeks now, and I'm forsed to use Safari for my brainstor...


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Updated Halina

3 hours work deleted

I have been working in freehand with the auto save tool. I left my computer for an hour and when I came back all the work had been deleted, with no version history record at all.  How do I get this content back? 


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Updated Linda Pham

Can't create new projects for freehand from Craft!

I can't create a new project via Craft plugin for Freehand. When I select create new project and select my artboards from sketch, the loading spinner moves and then nothing happens. But when I check my Invision account, 5 new p...

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Updated Nisha O

Internet Connection

The internet connection keeps dropping and "No Internet Connection" keeps popping up while on on freehand. My connection is totally fine no other tabs videos programmes are affected, just invision. Perhaps there are some update...


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Updated Khaled Gaber

Pencil Bug

Hello Dears, Great job on the freehand tool it is so good. However I found a small non critical issue that I thought I should report you. Platform: Web applicationBrowser: ChromeProject: Freehand Sample Steps to reproduce: Sel...


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Updated Julia

Integration with Microsoft Teams hanging

Hello! I am trying to add InVision FreeHand as a tab on Microsoft Teams. I've done this before, and know the process, but when I choose InVision from the list of Apps, it's just getting stuck on the the "Loading" page as below....


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Updated Juha Flythström

Freehand sharing link only gives View access

Hi, First off, thanks for a great product. I have an issue with link sharing of a Freehand board: No matter how many times I update the link sharing settings to give anyone with the link to have both Writing and editing access ...


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Updated Matt Cardinal

Issue with seeing collaborators inputs

Our team has been exploring freehand as an option for collaborating. The responsiveness of the tool is great, and the limited tools are fine for the kinds of brainstorming that we want to do. I have been having issues with seei...


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Updated Darian Taylor

Creating a Freehand within a team

I can't workout how to create a Freehand within my companies team. When I create one it only shows in my projects list, Am i doing something wrong or is this how it works?


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Updated Brian Marczak

Missing Facepile Activity

The new facepile menu seems to be missing a key feature: recent activity. As someone working within a larger team, being able to hover over someone's avatar in the facepile to see how recently they viewed the Freehand is incred...


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Updated Julie Iversen

Why is my pencil tool acting out?

I have this problem: it turns my lines into filled figures for some reasons. How do I get the pencil to work normally again (without filling figures)?


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Updated Billy Meyers

Sharing a Freehand with guest users

I've created a Freehand which I intended to share and collaborate with guest users. I opened the Share option and chose the following options: Who can open this document? Anyone with the link What can they do? Edit, draw, an...


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Updated Caleb Williams

Freehand Tips

InVision Freehand is such a great tool and has become so important to a lot of designers, especially because of its collaboration feature. This feature matters so much more now as a lot of us are now working from home.  The co...


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Updated Daniel Jaeger

I'm getting charged even though I have a free account

Hello, Invision is charging me $27 and change every month even though I have a free account and there is no discoverable way of contacting them. Can somebody help me? This has been going on for months. Does anybody have the sa...


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Updated Sevan

Correction To Latest Release Notes

Hi @Joe Donohue, Just a quick heads up. The latest release notes are marked with the date-year as 2020. I'm fairly confident you meant 2021. ----------------------------------------- Release Notes: Freehand Follow InVision ...

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Updated Konstantin Kaminski

Freehand on iPad Pro

First of all thank you for offering Freehand, very useful tool! I have noticed the following “issues” on the iPad Pro (tried both Invisionapp from App Store and in safari browser): 1. Apple Pencil tapping on the pencil does no...


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Updated Luc Moers

Freehand password protection?

Is it possible to setup a password link for a Freehand board? I have not found the feature and for security it would be really great to have this.


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Updated Blake Ramick

Freehand image quality

Anyone have any best practices for adding higher quality images in Freehand? Mine show up pixelated and the original is not.


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Updated Emily Kirkman

Have you tried Freehand?!

Have you tried Freehand?! It's been an absolute time saver for my team and I. Eliminating all the guessing work that can come with group collaboration. A lot of our ideas are drawn out through Freehand. The new pre-built UI ele...


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Updated Diana Donaldson

Freehand to Prototype

Hello! I'm new to Invision and would like to create wireframes with Freehand and then export them to Prototype. However, I cannot seem to find an export option in Freehand, or even a download option for that matter. Could someo...


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