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Specs Conversations

Updated Oren Kravetz

Public Link for Specs

Is there a way to share a public link for a Spec so that a developer outside my organization can access it?

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Updated Pulak Bhatnagar

Specs not working with Invision Studio Prototypes

Hi, I was excited to work with Specs but I couldn't find any way to publish the prototypes made using Invision Studio to Specs! I'm quite surprised to find that, considering Studio is Invision's own software and that doesn't su...


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Updated Payton Lake

InVision Specs Not Working

InVision specs mode isn't opening anything, from either InVision login or from Craft sync. When I click on the specs project, it just goes to a blank white screen. any ideas?


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Updated Joe Donohue

Calling all devs: Spec it out, ya'll!

This one goes out to my developer friends—you know, the people who have to actually write the code that powers all our favorite apps. They're the same people who get to solve the problems that other project stakeholders hand of...


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