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Craft Renee

Adobe XD support

Is InVision planning on adding Adobe XD support to the Craft sync plugin at all? If so, how soon could we expect that? It'd be very helpful to be able to use Inspect mode for front-end development. Thanks. 


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Craft Matt Richards

Exportable Assets from Sketch

We have used Craft to sync our Invision project with a Sketch file. All of the symbols in our Sketch file have been made exportable, but they do not come across as downloadable assets in Invision. This appears to be true for ve...


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Craft Rebeka

Craft bug when doing InVision sync and anima

Craft is being a pain lately. I'm using the Anima plugin and while I'm syncing to InVision, every element moves for no reason. Also, the craft plugin keeps logging me out every three hours.


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Craft yasin

Is it possible simulate input field

How we can simulate text input areas? I searched on the net Craft Beta had this option and removed. Do you think will you add again this feature?


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Craft Makenna Smutz

Figma + Craft?

Hello! I was wondering if we will ever be able to use craft with Figma? Best Regards, Makenna


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Craft Scott Gauvin

Show color name in CSS

Developers have styles set up like this:$apple: #35B845;Craft plugin for Sketch has document color palette with same color name and hex values.After Sync, CSS only shows hex values in Inspect mode:background-color: #35B845;Resu...


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Craft Alex Creedy

Sketch nested symbols – Inspect problem

Hi, I have been testing out the InVision Inspect feature, uploading sketch files using the Craft plugin. Our files use a lot of nested symbols, when selecting repeated elements that are inside sketch symbols, the selection jump...


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Craft Bruna

Craft not sync with Photoshop

I used to just save the document and it would sync with invision using photoshop, but now have to use Craft and it's stuck not sending the artboards to Invision. I read to reduce to 1x the pixel density, but that didn't helkp e...


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Craft Luis Gutierrez

Inspect asking for source files, even when using Craft

I keep getting a message on the Inspect mode of one of my projects to "Sync your source files". I have used Craft Sync to push these updates, and even made sure to change the artboard to confirm that an update was going through...


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Craft Vincent Desmares

Screens not updated

Hi, I use Sketch 51.2 and Craft Manager 1.0.70. When I click on "Sync" and then on "Update", it says that "No artboards have changed.". Yet on Invision, most of the screen I recently updated do not appear to have my modificatio...


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Craft Matthew Tarchutkin

Teams don't show up in Craft manager

Hello InVision team! So I have a problem. I can't select a proper team to upload my designs to as it doesn't show up in the Craft manager. On the main website I can switch between a team and my personal account, however I don't...


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Craft Kelsey Kronmiller

Can't add text styles to Craft library?

My team is having issues with the test Craft Library we made a few weeks ago not syncing to everyone's computers, so we decided to start from scratch with a new library.  I added our colors just fine, but cannot get text styles...


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Craft Kelli Langdon

Symbols not syncing from Sketch 50

I updated to Sketch 50 a few days ago. It seems I cannot sync any of my symbols with Craft to InVision projects. I receive a vague error message: Something went wrong when syncing (project name). 


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Craft Raddah

Craft sync not working after update 48.1

Hello all,    I am trying to sync my boards using craft but it's freezing on processing symbol and hang the sketch application .      CraftManager 1.0.43 is currently the newest version available.      


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Craft Janice Ng

Craft Library not Syncing within Team Computers

Hello,  I am not sure if anyone posted this before (I apologize for re-posting in advance if there was anything), but here is my problem:  I set up a Craft library and shared it via an internal network. I made updates to UI com...

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Craft Sean Kinney

Welcome to the InVision Community!

We're proud to finally open the doors to our new InVision Community. Our goal with the Community is to provide designers a place where you can ask questions about InVision and Craft, get help from your peers in the design world...


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