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Updated WWi App Test Account

Fixed header hotspots not clickable aymore.

Pretty simply issue/complaint: I cannot make Hotspots work when in 'begin user testing mode' in Invision app on my mobile device (samsung Galaxy A8). I added a fixed Footer in BUILD MODE, added a HOTSPOT:  Online (web) it works...


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Updated Valentina

Craft sync not updating hotspot

Hello, does anyone having issue since last update to sync the hotspots on a project? I can sync new hotspot and design changes, but hotspots made previously with an older version on craft disappeared from the prototype. I alrea...


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Updated Adrian Stern

Craft doesn't appear in Mac Menu Bar

Hi all,I want to upload my Designs to Invision via Sketch (Version 70.3 (109109)). I downloaded the recent CraftManager (v1.1.47) and it does appear in Sketch but not in my Menu Bar. Therefore I can't sign in and connect to the...

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Updated Chad Durham

M1 MacBook + New Design System plugin

Just about finished setting up my new Macbook M1 and all apps working flawlessly. Except one. Sketch and the New Design System manager. Simply adding an icon from a library hangs Sketch permanently- it's impossible to work on...


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Updated Anita Grandhi

Assets not visible in Invision Inspect

I am facing issues with viewing & extracting the assets from my files using Invision Inspect. Most of the the assets are icons in SVG format and 1 have a couple of PNGs. However, none of them are showing up in the "assets" pane...


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Updated DigitalBridge

Prototype not clickable

Hi there, I started  created a prototype with the new update (v.1.0.86) Once uploaded, none of it is clickable.I tried re-uploading and using another colleagues computer but to no avail.  any advice?          


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Updated Karan Chawla

Sketch keeps crashing when using Craft Prototype

Hello, As soon as I press 'K' for prototype, Sketch crashes. Tried it four times now. Restarted my machine, still facing the same issue.  Below are the specs: Sketch 72.4 (124482) Mac OS 11.4 (20F71) iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, ...


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Updated Ludovic BUCHER

Duplicate tool

Duplicate is a good production tool but all it needs is synchronisation.Let me explain: the spacing between duplicated elements is no longer respected if I change the height of one of them for example. To find the right spacing...

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Updated Orestis

Configuration tool don't show

Hi everyone, I can't find the configuration tool anywhere in invision. I have sync my prototype from sketch and some properties I have made them stay fixed when scrolling but now this doesn't exist in invision.

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Updated Mark van der Poel

Feature request: Sync all artboards on all pages

Back in the day invision synced sketch files directly from google drive. This had both its pro's and cons. Now, with craft, its a lot faster, more stable and we're in more control. However, I sometimes miss the function to just...

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Updated Aris Aurellano

Craft Tools Panels don't open next to craft toolbar

For some inexplicable reason, some of the Craft Tools panels are opening almost near the middle of the screen instead of next to the craft toolbar. I have no idea how to move it back. I tried dragging the windows back but they ...

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Updated Nuria

Data (photos) can't be added

Hi! I'm trying to set an Unsplash image as fill in a shape but it doesn't work. I'm using macOS Catalalina 10.15.7 / Sketch 71 / Craft manager 1.0.107 / Data 1.0.49   Thanks!


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Updated Sara Bianchini

Craft upload is super slow

My team and I (so different devices) had noticed in the last two weeks that Craft upload is ridiculously slow, also for just one screen. We are working on UX prototypes, so no assets and no images, and an external library for s...


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Updated Dennis Lam

Garbled text in CraftManager

After uploading a prototype to InVision, text in the dialog box turned into garbled. Sketch 72.4 MacBook pro 13-inch 2019 macOS Big Sur 11.2.1 CraftManage 1.0.112


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Updated Konstantina

I cannot upload specific new mockups in Invision

In the last few days, I am trying to upload new mockups to an Invision project and I can't. I can only update existing mockups. The Craft says that the new artboards have been uploaded but they didn't. I have the latest version...

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Updated Maude Poulin

Unauthorized to create prototype

Hello! I want to publish a specific page of a document in Sketch. When I select « New » instead of « Select existing », i get this error. Anyone can help? I run the latest versions of Sketch and Craft. Thanks! :-)  


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Updated Maureen

Synced prototype - assets not shown in Inspect mode

 Hi all, I've synced and exported all my artboards from Sketch to Invision using Craft Manager. Yet when I go into Inspect mode to export my assets, I get a messages saying: "Select assets for export. Send your designs to InVis...


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Updated PART

Link to anchor on another screen

Hi, this feature has been requested for Build Mode in Invision already: +++ How do I create a link to an anchor on another page? What I intend to do is:  1. On Click redirect other screen  2. When user gets to the new screen th...


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