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Craft Peter Kratcoski

File extension to Fit Mockups to screen

When I used this platform in school, I remember an extension that my classmates and I used so that upon uploading the flat png of the page mockup, it fit to envision perfectly, without scrolling. Can anyone help?


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Craft Kang Min Kyung

Duplicate Problem

I have the same problem with the URL below, did you fix it? If so, please tell me how to fix it.


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Craft Sean O'Shea

Data > Duplicate not looping through JSON

Whenever I try to use Craft Data with JSON, duplicated content only displays the first value in the JSON. Have tried restarting, updating Craft Manager, and using a different JSON file. What's going on?


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Craft Manoraj SG

Artboards not syncing properly

So I am trying to upload and replace an existing artboard in Invision prototype from my Sketch App through Craft. The artboard present in Invision prototype and my Sketch file have the same name and same page contents. But when...


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Craft rogan

Error message issue when upload to Invision

Hi, InVision I have a error message when trying to upload prototypes from Sketch to Invsion. And no assets show on Inspect mode. But when I login with my personal accout,everything is fine. Maybe these error issue happened with...


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Craft Nick Dilworth

Sync Not Working in Photoshop

I just installed Sync for Photoshop. I can login successfully to the Sync extension but none of my prototypes show up. In the settings my domain shows as "" which I assume should show my custom domain. ...


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Craft Andreu

Hotspots not syncing

InVision is randomly ignoring some of the Hotspots created in Sketch.  Honestly, it's really a pain in the ass to always have to manually check all the hotspots in a prototype after syncing. This is the most important feature, ...


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Craft Loredana Doncea

Cannot open Inspect tool

Does anyone has problems opening the inspect tool in InVision? I get a screen where it asks me to install Craft Plugin but  the issue is I already have it. Also it's really not cool for developers to have this plugin installed ...


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Craft David Holman

Syncing one artboard with multiple states

Most of the artboards in my documents represent a base view that has multiple states. The most efficient way to build these is to have layer groups for each new state that modifies the base view below. When I sync to Craft, I w...


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Craft Mike

Freehand don't upload arboards

Hi, I can't upload artboard on freehand, when I try I've "Unknow error". I tried to logout, created new freehand board, nothing works. I'm on Sketch, Have you a solution for this ? Thank's Jeremy


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Craft Brent

Anima Processing on Upload Support

I've been asking for a long time that you stop processing anima uploads because it breaks the layouts and slows uploads way down. I still want to use anima with invision but NO processing.  I see you're stopping support but ani...


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Craft Félix Vanneste

Assets from sketch

Maybe this issue has been raised before, sorry for that... I don't know what's the best way to export assets from sketch and where in my file should I mark an asset to be exported (in the symbol page? In all artboards where I ...


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Craft Rick Tilghman

Comments are useless, we need better notes

I've been designing software for about 20 years at this point, and I've used just about every system you can imagine.  Today's more seamless dev/prototyping models (like Sketch/Craft/Zeplin/Invision) has a ton of advantages and...


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Craft LaColmena

Photoshop Plugin don't link with my account

Mac OS High Sierra (10.13.5) Adobe Photoshop CC 19.0 Craft Manager 1.0.84 (and latest version of plugin) I'm new and have some issues. I create a new Prototype in InVision website, I can see it in the Craft Manager but NOT in t...


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Craft Brody Albert

problem with synch in Photoshop

Hello,  I am having problem with the sync dialog box in Photoshop. It will not allow me to select an "account type" when creating a new prototype. Nor do I see existing prototypes. Is this happening with anyone else? I've tried...


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Craft Christina Grillo

Inability to log into Craft with Okta

Hi,  I recently updated to the latest version of Craft for Sketch and it will not let me log into my team domain. I think it has something to do with Okta interfering with it, because while it is loading the okta sign in screen...


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Craft lijinxuan

Non - cloud publishing

Hello, does the invision support to publish project to the non-clouds, a similar plug-in such as measure sketch ?  We have to use the local area network office, so we are unable to publish the projects  in the clouds.  

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Craft Sara

click and re click

Goodmorning everyone, I'm creating the graphics for the application for my thesis, but I'm experiencing problems. I have icons that are empty, and at their click I would like them to become colored, and to re-click, I would ret...


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Craft Ellen Jordan

Craft and Invision not syncing

Is anyone else experiencing the issue where you upload through the Craft Plugin and the screen doesn't reflect that update in your InVision project?  I've tried refreshing, logging out and exporting via Craft plugin again and i...


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Craft Valentina

Craft sync not updating hotspot

Hello, does anyone having issue since last update to sync the hotspots on a project? I can sync new hotspot and design changes, but hotspots made previously with an older version on craft disappeared from the prototype. I alrea...


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Craft DigitalBridge

Prototype not clickable

Hi there, I started  created a prototype with the new update (v.1.0.86) Once uploaded, none of it is clickable.I tried re-uploading and using another colleagues computer but to no avail.  any advice?          


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Craft Sakis Zafeiropoulos

Sketch layout not showing up in inspector grid.

I use the craft sketch plugin to import my artboards in a prototype but although all my artboards have layout turned on it does not transfer to invision as a grid. All i get under grid in inspector is "Add a layout to your Sket...


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