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Craft LaColmena

Photoshop Plugin don't link with my account

Mac OS High Sierra (10.13.5) Adobe Photoshop CC 19.0 Craft Manager 1.0.84 (and latest version of plugin) I'm new and have some issues. I create a new Prototype in InVision website, I can see it in the Craft Manager but NOT in t...


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Craft Ellen Jordan

Craft and Invision not syncing

Is anyone else experiencing the issue where you upload through the Craft Plugin and the screen doesn't reflect that update in your InVision project?  I've tried refreshing, logging out and exporting via Craft plugin again and i...


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Craft Andreas Boos

Artboard is not placed correctly

Hi there, somehow some of my artboards are not placed correctly anymore, there is a white border on the right side and the bottom. I don't know how this was happening and don't find any mistakes in my design. Can someone help h...


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Craft Ron Akanowicz

Uploaded images have strange color issues

I uploaded my prototype from Sketch (version 61.2) through Craft (v 1.0.91) and the background on certain sections of my mockups is messed up. See image. The background of that column should be white, but instead is has blocks ...


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Craft rogan

Error message issue when upload to Invision

Hi, InVision I have a error message when trying to upload prototypes from Sketch to Invsion. And no assets show on Inspect mode. But when I login with my personal accout,everything is fine. Maybe these error issue happened with...

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Craft Shiyu Zhuang

Craft using too much memory

Hey, I am using Sketch and Craft all together. When I open neither of them, my laptop memory usage is around 27%, but with Sketch and Craft open, it can be as high as 80%. I have attached three screenshots that I took while run...


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Craft Calvin

Sync to specific Section from Sketch

When I sync my designs to Invision through Sketch It's always a guessing game to what section they uploaded to. I'd love to be able to choose which section to add my new screens to. Or even be able to create a new section when ...


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Craft Andreu

Hotspots not syncing

InVision is randomly ignoring some of the Hotspots created in Sketch.  Honestly, it's really a pain in the ass to always have to manually check all the hotspots in a prototype after syncing. This is the most important feature, ...


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Craft Peter

ServerError when trying to Sync from Sketch to Invision

Hi, getting a serverError message when trying to upload prototypes from Sketch to Invsion. Craft does also not see the previous prototypes on Invision.  Running Max OS Mojave 10.14.1 Craft 1.0.91 (v169) Sketch Version 61.2  on ...


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Craft Brody Albert

problem with synch in Photoshop

Hello,  I am having problem with the sync dialog box in Photoshop. It will not allow me to select an "account type" when creating a new prototype. Nor do I see existing prototypes. Is this happening with anyone else? I've tried...


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Craft Jon Marshall

ALL hotspots insist on maintaining scroll position?!

My prototype previews fine within InVision App on my desktop machine. However, when visiting the prototype link on my mobile (Samsung S9 with Chrome 74.0.3729.157), ALL hotspots behave as if I've checked 'maintain scroll positi...


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Craft Gianni Polito

Craft Manager doesn't open

Hello, I have got an error when trying to install Craft Manager on my new Macbook. I download Craft Manager, I open it when I've got a message asking to move in the application folder, and I confirm. I can see  Craft manager in...


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Craft kyunghyun. kang

I don't want see this message! help plz!

Hello👋 I am using your platform well. I think it's a very good service. But, Whenever I use Inspect mode, I get a message "Sorry... For some reason we couldn't retrieve Inspect data for this screen. Try refreshing your browser....


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Craft Susan Daniel

Add audio sound effect to button

Request: I would like to embed an audio sound effect to a button from InVision. Play audio OnTap Delay audio N seconds after tap. I'd also like the ability to play audio on page load instead of attaching it to a button, also wi...


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Craft Sam Li


I am updating a UI kit project on my inVision. There are a bunch of icons on one page, and I added four new icons there. For some reason, these four icons couldn't get synced up on inVision, after I uploaded my sketch by using ...


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Craft Clay Wiese

Going back to previous screen

I’m building an Overview page of sorts. Within this screen is a section titles Files. You can view all files which would take you to the Files screen. When I tap Back however it always takes me back to the top of the Overview s...


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Craft Valentina

Craft sync not updating hotspot

Hello, does anyone having issue since last update to sync the hotspots on a project? I can sync new hotspot and design changes, but hotspots made previously with an older version on craft disappeared from the prototype. I alrea...


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Craft Christina Grillo

Inability to log into Craft with Okta

Hi,  I recently updated to the latest version of Craft for Sketch and it will not let me log into my team domain. I think it has something to do with Okta interfering with it, because while it is loading the okta sign in screen...

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Craft Bruna

Craft not sync with Photoshop

I used to just save the document and it would sync with invision using photoshop, but now have to use Craft and it's stuck not sending the artboards to Invision. I read to reduce to 1x the pixel density, but that didn't helkp e...


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Craft Gustavo Freitas

Craft Sync Error

Can't sync anymore using craft, since yesterday. I'm getting this unknown Error message once i click Publish. Don't have any clue about what's going on.

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