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Craft CRi Solutions

Removing Orphaned Craft Hotspots

I used the Craft plugin to setup many hotspots on static design elements. Recently I setup a symbol to replace the static design elements. I deleted the static elements across several artboards, replacing them with the new symb...


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Craft Ed Fin

Can't login :/

I updated craft but cant login, it just pulses the C logo over and over. I've tried logging in by domain and by email, no luck :/ sketch 54.1 (76490) craft manager 1.0.80 sync prototype 2.3.130


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Craft Sara Bianchini

Craft upload is super slow

My team and I (so different devices) had noticed in the last two weeks that Craft upload is ridiculously slow, also for just one screen. We are working on UX prototypes, so no assets and no images, and an external library for s...


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Craft zhangyang

can not open craft

10.14.4 MacOS newest craft version donwloaded from invision official site. open craft said crashed. please help solve this problem.


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Craft James willock

InVision Inspect Not Working

Hello! I have used the Inspect modes many times. Now, when I click on the Inspect icon I get a info page that says "Sync your source files" and Get Started to download the Craft Plugin which i have re-installed and have running...


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Craft Jeremie Blehm

SVG's assets from Sketch are not sized to artboard

I want to export SVGs from my Sketch document using Craft plugin to InVision where they will be available for download from the Assets tab of the InVision Inspect page. My problem is that the SVGs that are exported via the Craf...


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Craft agathe

Synchronization problems

  Hello, I met fews problems at the end of my project. I don’t have the library plugin on the toolbar, so I can’t create a page with all the styles. I can’t synchronize my project to InvisionWhen I want to synchronise my art...


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Craft Tim

Inspect Mode

 Hello. Just trying to figure out why the Inspect Mode tab doesn't work in my InVision project. I've used Craft to sync my files to InVision, I can preview all the screens, but when I select the Inspect Mode tab, I get a messag...


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Craft Brent

Anima Processing on Upload Support

I've been asking for a long time that you stop processing anima uploads because it breaks the layouts and slows uploads way down. I still want to use anima with invision but NO processing.  I see you're stopping support but ani...


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Craft Christina Poon

Craft Prototype Hotspot sizes are larger upon Sync

Hi,  When I prototype via Craft in Sketch, the hotspots are fine, but when I sync to InVision, the hotspots are larger than what was created in Sketch.  This leads to overlapping hotspots in my InVision prototype, and thus, whe...

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Craft Ron Akanowicz

Uploaded images have strange color issues

I uploaded my prototype from Sketch (version 61.2) through Craft (v 1.0.91) and the background on certain sections of my mockups is messed up. See image. The background of that column should be white, but instead is has blocks ...


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Craft George Tang

Why my images look blurry on invision board?

I exported some images from Sketch, the size is very big about 4000x 2000px, after i upload them to Invision boards, it looks a bit blurry no matter in thumbnail size or open up in full scale. It looks like the image compressed...


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Craft Filipe

How to import Photoshop fonts into Inivision using Craft

Hello, how are you? Thank you for your attention so far I'm using photoshop along with craft, I can add extensions like .png and .jpeg to export them to the asset folder when synchronized. Is it possible to do the same with the...

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Craft Bruna

Craft not sync with Photoshop

I used to just save the document and it would sync with invision using photoshop, but now have to use Craft and it's stuck not sending the artboards to Invision. I read to reduce to 1x the pixel density, but that didn't helkp e...


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Craft Filipe

Error when synchronizing Photoshop "No artboards found.""

Ola, estou tentando fazer o upload de um protótipo .psd, consegui instalar o craft corretamente, porém quando clico para sincronizar, retorna o seguinte erro: "No artboards found. Please create an artboard and try againd". How ...


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Craft Fabio Petito

How to export from Invision to Sketch?

Hi guys With Craft it looks like I can only sync starting from a Sketch project (which I don't have) to Invision (where there is a project).   Thanks in advance for any hints! Fabio


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Craft Ana Carvajal

Hotspots don't upload into Invision

Hi! I'm having serious issues with craft lately. First I can't upload a complete sketch file into Invision because craft show me an error and it just upload empty screens. So I have to upload screens in groups of 15 at a time, ...


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Craft Roshni Ghedia

Craft plugin not syncing with sketch

My craft plugin keeps throwing up the same error when I try syncing my artboards from sketch to Invision - that the file is not readable and it does not sync. It creates a project in Invision, but with no artboards in it. I've ...


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Craft Joe Hajek

Overlay State Not Scrolling on Mobile

I have a screen set as an overlay, with "fix position of overlay" deselected, but the overlay state will not scroll. I've tested building the hotspot in both InVision and in Sketch via Craft. Sketch is up to date: 50.2 Craft ve...


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Craft Andreu

Hotspots not syncing

InVision is randomly ignoring some of the Hotspots created in Sketch.  Honestly, it's really a pain in the ass to always have to manually check all the hotspots in a prototype after syncing. This is the most important feature, ...


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Craft Anita Grandhi

Assets not visible in Invision Inspect

I am facing issues with viewing & extracting the assets from my files using Invision Inspect. Most of the the assets are icons in SVG format and 1 have a couple of PNGs. However, none of them are showing up in the "assets" pane...


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