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Updated CRi Solutions

Removing Orphaned Craft Hotspots

I used the Craft plugin to setup many hotspots on static design elements. Recently I setup a symbol to replace the static design elements. I deleted the static elements across several artboards, replacing them with the new symb...


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Updated Dennis Lam

Garbled text in CraftManager

After uploading a prototype to InVision, text in the dialog box turned into garbled. Sketch 72.4 MacBook pro 13-inch 2019 macOS Big Sur 11.2.1 CraftManage 1.0.112


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Updated Piotr

I can't see a Craft Sync on Photoshop 2021 /Windows

Hello, I used Craft Sync installer for Windows. Installer created a catalog com.invisionlabs.sync in the directory: C/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop 2021/Plug-ins/Generator However, in Photoshop on Window>Extensions I can'...


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Updated Katherine

Can't Install Craft - Only One Instance At A Time

Hello, I've tried downloading and re-downloading Craft a few times but can never actually get it to install.   After I move it into applications and try to open it, I keep getting this message:


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Updated Maureen

Synced prototype - assets not shown in Inspect mode

 Hi all, I've synced and exported all my artboards from Sketch to Invision using Craft Manager. Yet when I go into Inspect mode to export my assets, I get a messages saying: "Select assets for export. Send your designs to InVis...


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Updated Abby Sosin

Invision not recognizing Craft app as being downloaded

I have downloaded Craft and when I try to sync my prototypes from Sketch I keep getting the message that the source file I am trying to upload is no longer supported and that I need to download the Craft plugin. I've tried togg...


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Updated George Tang

Why my images look blurry on invision board?

I exported some images from Sketch, the size is very big about 4000x 2000px, after i upload them to Invision boards, it looks a bit blurry no matter in thumbnail size or open up in full scale. It looks like the image compressed...


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Updated Ashley Duggan

Using Google Font 'Open Sans' with inVision

I am using google's font 'Open Sans' in my design mockups I am creating in Sketch. I am using Craft to transfer my mockups from Sketch to inVision but when I look at the inVision side of things its changing the font to .SN NS D...


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Updated Tommy Silcher

Craft Player not working

When trying to view a prototype using the Craft player in Sketch I see an empty view with the title "button" and cannot change this behavior. I have an artboard selected and then click on the "Player" icon. I have the latest ve...


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Updated David Hardman

Is there a limit to the size of a page?

I've created my UI in Sketch and I am using craft to add hotspots and upload it. I have one page (which is particularly long) that is loading with a fault like a corrupt file logo in Invision. I have also had a problem with som...


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Updated Emanuela

I cannot upload images

Hello everyone! I am writing here because I have an issue and I was wondering if someone could help me. I am trying to make a prototype and when I upload a JPG or PNG file, it will appear "Try uploading again". I have tried to ...


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Updated Sara Bianchini

Craft upload is super slow

My team and I (so different devices) had noticed in the last two weeks that Craft upload is ridiculously slow, also for just one screen. We are working on UX prototypes, so no assets and no images, and an external library for s...


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Updated INTER

Sketch 64 crashing after latest update Craft plugin

After the last craft plugin update sketch crashes on all of our macs running sketch 64. On one mac the craft plugin wasn't updatet yet and sketch combined with the craft works just fine. I have disabled automatic updates of cra...


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Updated Joe

Craft is crashing unexpectedly

Hi! I am experiencing constant crashes with Craft on the latest version. What can be done to check this?

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Updated Eric

Sketch prototypes uploaded with Craft showing different fonts

I have a prototype built in sketch, using the font-face Bebas Neue for some of the elements. When I upload the project to invision using the craft sync tool, every instance of Bebas Neue is changed to another font (".SF NS Disp...


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Updated Manoraj SG

Artboards not syncing properly

So I am trying to upload and replace an existing artboard in Invision prototype from my Sketch App through Craft. The artboard present in Invision prototype and my Sketch file have the same name and same page contents. But when...


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Updated Rupesh Shelar

invasion design px size missmatch

Hi Expert., I am unable to compare Invasion with Google Chrome element section for an example  text size  in invasion show x -120px y 414px Width-142px height 24px where as in google element   Width-36px height 20px how to fix ...

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Updated Aniruddha Kulkarni

Not able to install Craft tools for Sketch 3+

Hi, I just downloaded the Craft plugin on my MacBook Air Big Sur, however I am not able to install the craft tools for sketch on my machine. Please find the screenshot for more details. This is my Mac book details - 


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