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Craft Heather Henderson

Hotspots disappear in Craft for Sketch sync

When I sync screens with hotspots using Craft for Sketch, some of my hotspots disappear in InVision. This includes hotspots on both layers and symbols. I'm using: Sketch Version 68.2 (102594) Craft Version 1.0.101 I followed ...


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Craft Philipp Travaglia

No Upload Icon available

I am using the Craft Plugin for Sketch for the first time and tried to upload my first artboard. But I can't see an upload icon where it should be.Is this only a feature for paid plans? I am currently a free user and can't find...


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Craft Owen Hughes

Artboard Naming

Does anyone have a good system to naming Artboards in Sketch/Studio? At the moment this is how i do it:     [ Device ] - [ Page ] - [ Interaction / component version ] - [ Page Version ] e.g.  M - Homepage - Login Window - 1a  ...


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Craft Greenberry

Craft crashing when trying to sync from Sketch

Hi,Lately when I try to sync from Sketch to InVision craft crashes entirely. The icon disappears from the mac toolbar and I have to restart the Craft Manager App.The artboards are synced to invision but are completely blank.Thi...

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Craft Janneke Annema

craft sync does not work with photoshop

Hello I just started using craft with invision using photoshop If I try to sync my artboards from photoshop to invision nothing happends it just keeps going  this is the screen I have: can someone help me? my photoshop and cra...


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Craft Bruna

Craft not sync with Photoshop

I used to just save the document and it would sync with invision using photoshop, but now have to use Craft and it's stuck not sending the artboards to Invision. I read to reduce to 1x the pixel density, but that didn't helkp e...


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Craft Peter Barr

Craft prototype links breaking

There's an issue where if I don't upload all the prototyped artboards in one go, but later upload another artboard which was not originally uploaded then the link to that new artboard in Invision does not work. If you try to up...


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Craft Sara Tokarchuk

Craft auto-sign in not working!

I recently updated Craft, and now have the auto-log in feature. However, even though I'm logged into InVision on my browser, I keep getting the same error message. There's no manual way to log in to Craft, so I'm completely un...


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Craft Nicki Snyder

Craft signing me out of account when I try to sync

I'm signed in to my account, pulls up all of my current prototypes. When I go to sync it, I get an error and it logs me out of Craft. It's a repetitive cycle and been going on for about a day.    Here's what I have tried with n...


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Craft James Herbert

1px shift between certain pages in prototype

Hi, I've uploaded, through Craft, a number of artboards from Sketch, all identically sized but I'm experiencing what looks like a 1px shift left/right between cetrain pages within the prototype. It's doing this for both the des...


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Craft Katie Glenn

Use Craft to start a Freehand from your Sketch file

Did you know that you can create a Freehand from your Sketch file? It's quick and easy using the Freehand tool in Craft. Just open your design file in Sketch, click the Craft Freehand icon and choose the Create New Freehand opt...


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Craft Cinzia Gavelan-Vargas

Update Issues

Every time I go to update Craft it gets hung up on "Craft is updating" but there is no progress. See screenshot below.


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Craft George Tang

Why my images look blurry on invision board?

I exported some images from Sketch, the size is very big about 4000x 2000px, after i upload them to Invision boards, it looks a bit blurry no matter in thumbnail size or open up in full scale. It looks like the image compressed...


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Craft Joe Hajek

Overlay State Not Scrolling on Mobile

I have a screen set as an overlay, with "fix position of overlay" deselected, but the overlay state will not scroll. I've tested building the hotspot in both InVision and in Sketch via Craft. Sketch is up to date: 50.2 Craft ve...


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Craft Claire

Saved artboards not replacing screens on Invision

Up until recently, when I'd upload a Sktech artboard through Craft to Invision with the same file name it would replace the existing screen in Invision. Now every time I do updates to the artboards in Sketch I get a duplicated ...


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Craft Stephanie Marino

Unable to install Craft Manager

Craft was not working, icon no longer showing in toolbar on Mac. Followed instructions to uninstall. Can't get Craft Manager to reinstall. Please help!


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Craft Asia

Can not upload the Sketch prototype to invision

Hi, I can not update my prototype. I already have in invision. I made some iterations and wanted to to update it, and since early morning it is not possible. I have updated version of Sketch, craft also work properly.  I am puz...


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Craft Tim

Inspect Mode

 Hello. Just trying to figure out why the Inspect Mode tab doesn't work in my InVision project. I've used Craft to sync my files to InVision, I can preview all the screens, but when I select the Inspect Mode tab, I get a messag...


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Craft Paul Goode

Timed Transition from Sketch

Can timed transitions be set up from Sketch, or do we always need to go into InVision to set that up (outside of Craft)?

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