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Craft Matthew Tarchutkin

Teams don't show up in Craft manager

Hello InVision team! So I have a problem. I can't select a proper team to upload my designs to as it doesn't show up in the Craft manager. On the main website I can switch between a team and my personal account, however I don't...


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Craft Ioana Enea

Screen as overlay disabling other hotspots

Hello,   I am trying to create a prototype in invision that involves a test with multiple choice questions. I want to use a screen as overlay to mimic the user answering the question, but when the user chooses the answer and th...


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Craft Antonea Nabors

Issue with Symbols and Craft in Sketch

I have created a symbol in Sketch with the following parameters:  Text (natively pinned left/top) and vector icon (natively pinned left/top with fixed width/height). This gives me the ability to change the length of the text an...


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Craft Renee

Adobe XD support

Is InVision planning on adding Adobe XD support to the Craft sync plugin at all? If so, how soon could we expect that? It'd be very helpful to be able to use Inspect mode for front-end development. Thanks. 


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Craft Kelsey Kronmiller

Can't add text styles to Craft library?

My team is having issues with the test Craft Library we made a few weeks ago not syncing to everyone's computers, so we decided to start from scratch with a new library.  I added our colors just fine, but cannot get text styles...


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Craft Mariela

Problems installing Craft

I am trying to install The Craft Manager so that I can sync it with Sketch, however, once I move the Craft Manager to my Applications folder and launch it, I never get the icon on my Mac menu, therefore I can never install it. ...

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Craft Guillermo Gonzalez

unable to install craft, help

Hello everyone! I´m really trying to install craft, and this is what happen when I double click on the aplication: This is only message what I get when trying to install Craft. If I click "continue" nothing happen. If I click ...


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Craft Bruno Mattelet

Craft crop drop shadow after duplicate

When I use Duplicate from Craft it crop the drop shadow and even the borders sometimes.  This is my normal profile block :  1--- This one is the one duplicated vertically : You can see that there is no more shadow on the side ...


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Craft Corey Hensley

Craft Library Keeps Reverting Back to Older Version

So my company has been using Craft, and for some reason whenever someone makes changes it will, once shared in the group folder, revert back to an older version making updating impossible. I have tried following the following t...

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Craft Jeff Daley

Duplicated Symbol Data Reverts on File Reopen

When I Duplicate a Data-populated symbol in Sketch, Craft functions as expected, populating the duplicated symbols with random Data values. However, when I close and reopen the Sketch file, the symbols revert to their initial v...


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Craft James Allen

Craft sync doesn't appear in latest Photoshop version

I got the latest version of Craft sync for Windows (version 2.0.52) and the latest version of Adobe Photoshop (version 19.1.4 20180507.r.325) installed on a Windows 10 PC. Craft appears to be installed properly, but does not ap...


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Craft Inessa Shillo

Export to Invision is not working in Sketch. At all

Hi! Since quite a long time my Craft plugin is not working in Sketch both on iMac and Macbook. No metter how many times I click on the export icon and wait nothing will ever happen. Please help me to solve this annoying issue.


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Craft William Lam

Sketch to Invision via Craft

Hi there, I'm trying to upload some artboards on Invision via craft, yet the images seem to break when it gets here. However, when i try to Preview Website on Launchpad, it works well. Can someone please let me know what is hap...


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Craft Joe Hajek

Overlay State Not Scrolling on Mobile

I have a screen set as an overlay, with "fix position of overlay" deselected, but the overlay state will not scroll. I've tested building the hotspot in both InVision and in Sketch via Craft. Sketch is up to date: 50.2 Craft ve...


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Craft JennaGengler

Font styles not displaying in InVision Inspect mode

Our designer is using Sketch to create comps, and then using the Craft plugin to sync the artboards to an Invision prototype. When I, as the developer, go to inspect a screen to pull font styles, it allows me to click on a text...


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Craft Alvaro Gonzalez

Photoshop Craft Sync Not loading Problem

So, this is happening, I install the Craft Plugin, Open PSD, went to Windows>Extensions>Sync wait for a while and this is what it loads:   Any idea why is not loading correctly the plugin? System info:

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