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Craft Muhammed Eltelbany

Issue with Craft sync

Hello, I have an issue with synchronize artboards through Craft tools, It's upload part of it then stopped and didn't complete. As you see here  


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Craft Theo Kieu

Editing Prototype through craft

Hi, I recently hired a team to make a prototype for me, its done and they added me to their team.  I was wondering is there a way that I can edit the prototype through sketch and sync it with a duplicate prototype that they mad...

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Craft Ellen Jordan

Craft and Invision not syncing

Is anyone else experiencing the issue where you upload through the Craft Plugin and the screen doesn't reflect that update in your InVision project?  I've tried refreshing, logging out and exporting via Craft plugin again and i...


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Craft Ollie

Craft sync not linking to my account

Hi there,   I have installed Craft Manager and am trying to use the Sync + Prototype feature. When I upload artboards it tells me they're successfully uploading but when I go to Invision they aren't there. When I try to open in...


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Craft Martin Fletcher

Craft not working/showing toolbar

Hi there, Craft suddenly stopped working and no toolbar is visible. I consistently have problems with Craft disappearing. Normally a removal and fresh install fixes it but not this time. I have restarted and reinstalled many ti...


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Craft onsong

Is Craft Manager available for Windows?

Hi there! I am working as a designer in South Korea I ' d like to know if Craft Manager is available for Windows. Because our company only use on Photoshop for Windows. When planning to release it, please let me know. Thank you...

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Artboards not uploading

I have done some artboards in sketch, but not all of them are uploading. At first I thought that they were overwriting older artboards with the same name, so I used an empty project. Indeed some artboards (I don't know what mak...


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Craft Julie Vandebosch

Can't sync with Photoshop

I am able to create a new InVision prototype within Photoshop, but when I start syncing, I get the following message: There’s been an error starting Photoshop generator. Please make sure you have it enabled under Preferences > ...


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Craft James willock

InVision Inspect Not Working

Hello! I have used the Inspect modes many times. Now, when I click on the Inspect icon I get a info page that says "Sync your source files" and Get Started to download the Craft Plugin which i have re-installed and have running...


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Craft Shaina Torgerson

Introducing Craft Player!

Designers need their digital prototyping tools to evolve with their workflows. That’s why we’re excited to announce Craft Player! Rather than having to jump between Sketch and InVision, now you can preview how InVision prototyp...


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Craft Immanuel Promnitz

Craft Hotspots don´t work in Sketch

Hey, I can´t use the prototype-mode in Sketch anymore. If I press "x" or click on the button, I can´t see any of my old hotspots (that were created in Sketch before and are still in function if I change to the invision-webview)...


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Craft Stuart McMorris

Show single hotspot link

Is there a way of showing just one of the hotspot links when using craft and Sketch? I find it hard to see what's linking to what when you have quite a complex prototype with lots of links and lines going across multiple artboa...


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Craft Yannick Sibut-Bourde

Sketch crashes during Craft push

Hi every one, I just finished my Sketch update from 52.2 to 52.3, and all my plugins are up to date. Now i'm having big troubles pushing on InVision When I start a push, anima toolkit is freezing and Sketch is crashing after 1m...


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Craft Timo

"Z" to zoom

Hi,   since today i can't zoom with just prerssing "z" in Sketch. When i press "z" a window opens with a preview. now i found out that this is from craft. How can i change the shortcut of this? I want my "z" to zoom back.   tha...


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Craft Abbie

Sync Process Failed: Connection Problem

I'm getting this notice in my Windows Photoshop Craft extension: "Sync Process Failed: Connection problem. Make sure you have stable internet connection and try again." My internet speed is great, I've closed things down, but I...


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Craft Brandon Shepard

Overrides not working in desktop version

When viewing a prototype that has overrides, I noticed it's not displaying the right colors and data. For instance I have a button that is orange with teal overrides. It works perfectly in sketch and craft preview but when view...


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Craft Franz

Craft Sync Freezes

Hello. I need help. When I attempt to sync a Sketch Artboard to Invision, it freezes. Sketch is still working but the Craft window remains open and cannot be closed. Artboard is not updated on Invision prototype. Please see scr...

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Craft Luke Ylias

Can't upload Sketch files to Invision

I've been trying for two days, Everything has been uninstalled and re-installed. Everything is up to date. Every time I try and upload my files it directs me to download Craft Plugin again. Unless I'm doing something wrong, I c...


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Craft Gandalf

Invision app on my tablet (Huawei Mediapad M3 lite 1.0)

Situation: Im working on a sketch file along with craft so that i do not have to open InVision, im uploading via craft to IVision cloud as a "Sync"  (the top icon on craft menu). before opening the invision app on my tablet, i ...


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Craft Marcel

Automatically create Sections from Sketch

I'm using Sketch with the craft plugin to sync to InVision. Is there a way to automatically create sections when syncing to InVision. Maybe some sort of naming convention for the artboards? Also: How does InVision decide in whi...


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Craft Amir Blazevic

Craft Sync Enterprise domain

For some reason craft is always asking me for and Enterprise Domain when i try to sync and login to my account i have a Professional account not an Enterprise one so im not sure whats going on. It use to work fine all of a sudd...

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