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Craft Ken Bowman

CRAFT Prototype tool crashes Sketch and OSX

Sketch 48.2 (47327) Craft Manager 1.0.45 MacOS 10.13.2 (17C205) When:  Using prototype tool to link to a page Result: Spinning beach ball. Crashes Sketch and causes computer to restart. Ref:


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Craft Arin

Rendering issue in preview mode

Hi. Issue details: Rendering problem with chrome browser in preview mode. upload screens with Craft sync with photoshop in windows 10. I'll check invision in Mozilla Firefox and i dont have same problem. notice: my previous pro...


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Craft John Coffey

Sketch/Craft Sync Issue | Not All Assets Uploaded. Why?

I have just completed an upload of a large project that I am working on. Much to my shock, after syncing my art boards to InVision with Craft only a small amount of assets actually were uploaded. I even ungrouped everything but...


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Craft Catherine

Sketch crashes when Craft is syncing to InVision

Both Sketch and Craft are upgraded to the latest version. Sketch version 48.2 Craft manager version 1.0.41 Error message: Craft says "Processing symbols complete". Sketch either quit unexpectedly or didn't respond (as in the sp...


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Craft kathy

Blank screens after sync

I'm a new user. And both sketch and craft are the newest version.  I tried to change the export setting from 2px to 1px as one post mentioned. but it doesn't work at all.  This is quite disappointing 


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Craft Neal Drasbeck

Craft DSM

 How do I delete added elements from Craft Components?

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Craft Pauline Depeyre

Problem with the craft color library

When I select a color from the craft library to apply it to an icon/text/form, the color code applied doesn’t match with what’s in the library. Example in my library, I have a color # FFB700, if I use it, my icon will be in #FF...


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Craft Vinu S

Problems with Samsung S8 and Invision

When I use the invision app on a mobile phone - samsung s8, the icons and pictures are blurry. The settings in sketch are set to 2x. When I look at the sae screen in a samsung s7, the resolution is fine and the icons and pictur...


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Craft Ashley Duggan

Using Google Font 'Open Sans' with inVision

I am using google's font 'Open Sans' in my design mockups I am creating in Sketch. I am using Craft to transfer my mockups from Sketch to inVision but when I look at the inVision side of things its changing the font to .SN NS D...


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Craft Amy Etheredge

Duplicate JSON with Varied Length Content

Hey! First time user, so this might be something obvious. I have a JSON file, something like so: {   "articles": [     {       "title": "hello, dear",       "content" : "fancy much?"     },       {       "title": "One More, Ju...


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Craft Bluelevel

Craft Syncing assets from photoshop

Hi I am new to Invision and CraftSync. I have just downloaded it and used it to sync a project (works well).  I am in inspect mode and loving the features but when I click on assets it just says the following: Select assets for...


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Craft Makenna Smutz

Figma + Craft?

Hello! I was wondering if we will ever be able to use craft with Figma? Best Regards, Makenna


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Craft Carolina Carlgren

Sync icon not showing up in sketch

 Hi, I am having trouble installing craft sync. I am following your guide on this page: Bu I get stuck at this point: "In Sketch or Photoshop for Mac, click the Sync i...


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Craft Caroline Busson

Can't see links between artboards in sketch

Hello, I'm using Craft in sketch, and when I link the artboards I can see the blue link, but once it's done I can't see the blue links anymore. The prototype is working in invision, but i can't see the links in sketch, and I'm ...


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Craft Thess Angl

craft sync with photoshop CC won't work

Hey there, as I read many people have this problem, that the artboards are not syncing in any pixel density and after turning on the genertor in ther preferences and restarting ps many times..   Sadly the Help Center Community ...


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Craft bobbysojitra

Craft Styleguides not working at all

Hi.. I am running Sketch (43.2) / Craft Manager (v1.043) / Craft Sketch tools  (latest) I am trying to get Document > Create Styles to work via the plugin on a very simple test document with 5 rectangles (different colours), 1 ...


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Craft Raddah

Craft sync not working after update 48.1

Hello all,    I am trying to sync my boards using craft but it's freezing on processing symbol and hang the sketch application .      CraftManager 1.0.43 is currently the newest version available.      


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Craft Nathan Dana

Library breaking styles (Sketch 48.1)

Not sure if its something wrong with the latest version of Skecth (48.1), but when I try to use Craft to Sync Styles, it starts creating new color swatches seemingly randomly, renames text styles, and each time I click "Sync St...

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Craft Sakis Zafeiropoulos

Sketch layout not showing up in inspector grid.

I use the craft sketch plugin to import my artboards in a prototype but although all my artboards have layout turned on it does not transfer to invision as a grid. All i get under grid in inspector is "Add a layout to your Sket...


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Craft Vinayak Gudekar

Not able to sync craft with photoshop

Hi, I am using windows 7 and have installed craft plugin but unfortunately not able to get an option of sync in Photoshop. I have restarted twice my system but still there is no help. Please help as it has already taken a lot o...


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Craft Rebeka

Craft bug when doing InVision sync and anima

Craft is being a pain lately. I'm using the Anima plugin and while I'm syncing to InVision, every element moves for no reason. Also, the craft plugin keeps logging me out every three hours.


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