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Craft Maia Miller14

Craft Sync hotspot issues

This issue is slightly different from the other Craft Sync issues I've found on this forum. My hotspots all sync when I need them to, but sometimes, their positioning is off when I try to click through the prototype. I've found...

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Craft Algirdas

Craft Sync crashes Sketch

When I want to sync screens using Craft to Invision, Sketch just freezes and app manager shows its not responding so I have to kill it everytime. It started two days ago and had to sync everything manually. Craft version: 1.0.3...


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Craft Valentina

Craft sync not updating hotspot

Hello, does anyone having issue since last update to sync the hotspots on a project? I can sync new hotspot and design changes, but hotspots made previously with an older version on craft disappeared from the prototype. I alrea...


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Craft David Hardman

Is there a limit to the size of a page?

I've created my UI in Sketch and I am using craft to add hotspots and upload it. I have one page (which is particularly long) that is loading with a fault like a corrupt file logo in Invision. I have also had a problem with som...


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Craft yasin

Is it possible simulate input field

How we can simulate text input areas? I searched on the net Craft Beta had this option and removed. Do you think will you add again this feature?


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Craft Sal Celis

Sketch super slow

Last few days have been super frustrating: 1. Sketch is incredibly slow! I'm now working with a document with only 4 pages, compressed images, plenty of hd memory and yet it still drags along.  2. Exporting links to Nav links C...


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Craft Susan Daniel

Add audio sound effect to button

Request: I would like to embed an audio sound effect to a button from InVision. Play audio OnTap Delay audio N seconds after tap. I'd also like the ability to play audio on page load instead of attaching it to a button, also wi...


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Craft Dries Rotty

Always having to save before Craft Sync

Hello everyone, Every time I want to sync to Invision, I get a dialog that asks me to save my Sketch document, even if I didn't change anything to my file (for instance exporting 2 artboards one by one). This is driving me nuts...

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Craft Ken Bowman

CRAFT Prototype tool crashes Sketch and OSX

Sketch 48.2 (47327) Craft Manager 1.0.45 MacOS 10.13.2 (17C205) When:  Using prototype tool to link to a page Result: Spinning beach ball. Crashes Sketch and causes computer to restart. Ref:


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Craft Arin

Rendering issue in preview mode

Hi. Issue details: Rendering problem with chrome browser in preview mode. upload screens with Craft sync with photoshop in windows 10. I'll check invision in Mozilla Firefox and i dont have same problem. notice: my previous pro...


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Craft John Coffey

Sketch/Craft Sync Issue | Not All Assets Uploaded. Why?

I have just completed an upload of a large project that I am working on. Much to my shock, after syncing my art boards to InVision with Craft only a small amount of assets actually were uploaded. I even ungrouped everything but...


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Craft Catherine

Sketch crashes when Craft is syncing to InVision

Both Sketch and Craft are upgraded to the latest version. Sketch version 48.2 Craft manager version 1.0.41 Error message: Craft says "Processing symbols complete". Sketch either quit unexpectedly or didn't respond (as in the sp...


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Craft kathy

Blank screens after sync

I'm a new user. And both sketch and craft are the newest version.  I tried to change the export setting from 2px to 1px as one post mentioned. but it doesn't work at all.  This is quite disappointing 


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Craft Neal Drasbeck

Craft DSM

 How do I delete added elements from Craft Components?

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Craft Pauline Depeyre

Problem with the craft color library

When I select a color from the craft library to apply it to an icon/text/form, the color code applied doesn’t match with what’s in the library. Example in my library, I have a color # FFB700, if I use it, my icon will be in #FF...


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Craft Vinu S

Problems with Samsung S8 and Invision

When I use the invision app on a mobile phone - samsung s8, the icons and pictures are blurry. The settings in sketch are set to 2x. When I look at the sae screen in a samsung s7, the resolution is fine and the icons and pictur...


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Craft Ashley Duggan

Using Google Font 'Open Sans' with inVision

I am using google's font 'Open Sans' in my design mockups I am creating in Sketch. I am using Craft to transfer my mockups from Sketch to inVision but when I look at the inVision side of things its changing the font to .SN NS D...


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Craft Amy Etheredge

Duplicate JSON with Varied Length Content

Hey! First time user, so this might be something obvious. I have a JSON file, something like so: {   "articles": [     {       "title": "hello, dear",       "content" : "fancy much?"     },       {       "title": "One More, Ju...


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