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Craft William Lam

Sketch to Invision via Craft

Hi there, I'm trying to upload some artboards on Invision via craft, yet the images seem to break when it gets here. However, when i try to Preview Website on Launchpad, it works well. Can someone please let me know what is hap...


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Craft Joe Hajek

Overlay State Not Scrolling on Mobile

I have a screen set as an overlay, with "fix position of overlay" deselected, but the overlay state will not scroll. I've tested building the hotspot in both InVision and in Sketch via Craft. Sketch is up to date: 50.2 Craft ve...


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Craft JennaGengler

Font styles not displaying in InVision Inspect mode

Our designer is using Sketch to create comps, and then using the Craft plugin to sync the artboards to an Invision prototype. When I, as the developer, go to inspect a screen to pull font styles, it allows me to click on a text...


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Craft Alvaro Gonzalez

Photoshop Craft Sync Not loading Problem

So, this is happening, I install the Craft Plugin, Open PSD, went to Windows>Extensions>Sync wait for a while and this is what it loads:   Any idea why is not loading correctly the plugin? System info:

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Craft Kelli Langdon

Symbols not syncing from Sketch 50

I updated to Sketch 50 a few days ago. It seems I cannot sync any of my symbols with Craft to InVision projects. I receive a vague error message: Something went wrong when syncing (project name). 


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Craft Ragne Selis

Craft sync to InVision changes colours

Hey, it's the first time I'm using Craft for syncing my files to InVision. This is how my original files' colour scheme looks like:   But when my files get synced to InVision, colours change into:   It looks like they've got ...

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Craft retina

Craft + Sketch question: Where do new artboard uploads go?

Hello everyone – I'm a long time user, first time poster!Here's the issue: sometimes when I use Craft to sync a new artboard to our Project, I'm at a total loss as to where it actually went.My question is, where do new artboard...

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Craft Tim

Inspect Mode

 Hello. Just trying to figure out why the Inspect Mode tab doesn't work in my InVision project. I've used Craft to sync my files to InVision, I can preview all the screens, but when I select the Inspect Mode tab, I get a messag...


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Craft jaan

Craft "Sign in to Invisio"

 Hi,  For some odd reason I almost always have to log in to Invisio when I try to sync my sketch artboards to Invisio. I have tried to reinstall sketch and craft and everything is up-to-date but problem still persists. Whatever...


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Craft Jesse Armand

[Inspect] UIColor and and font settings

Hello, I'm using Inspect to read user interface specifications designed with Sketch. All of these Sketch artboards are exported with Craft. A few things that can be improved: UIColor is always displayed in decimal fractional v...


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Craft Brad Gutting

Craft prototype mode gone?

Hello! Weirdly enough, I opened Sketch this morning and the prototype mode for Craft no longer appears. Some of the other features are still there, but I can't access the prototyping. I'm signed in to InVision and just updated ...


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Craft Silvina

Sharing link doesn't work

I'm currently working on a prototype using Craft plugin with Sketch, and need to create a sharing link - to share the prototype publicly. The link won't work, every time I open the link the page says the link is no longe valid....

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Craft Matt Ellinger

Inspector fields not matching visual shown

After updating my Craft Plugin (2.3.66) my screens in inspector don't operate as expected. When selecting a layer from the list on the left panel, a different symbols similar layer is selected. I've tried renaming all of my sym...

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Craft Maureen

Synced prototype - assets not shown in Inspect mode

 Hi all, I've synced and exported all my artboards from Sketch to Invision using Craft Manager. Yet when I go into Inspect mode to export my assets, I get a messages saying: "Select assets for export. Send your designs to InVis...


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Craft Geoff

Craft Library button goes missing in Sketch 48.2

Hello I was working in a document to create a set of styles. I did so successfully with the Library feature, though did not save the file. I reopened the same file, and now the Library button is gone. Where did it go? I'm using...


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