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Craft Conversations

Updated Mike

Craft not showing in my Sketch all of a sudden

Hello, can you help me determine why my craft plugin wont work with my Sketch? I tried first to update Craft and restart. Then I followed instructions to uninstall Craft and delete all files from my computer and install agai...


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Updated Jon Marshall

ALL hotspots insist on maintaining scroll position?!

My prototype previews fine within InVision App on my desktop machine. However, when visiting the prototype link on my mobile (Samsung S9 with Chrome 74.0.3729.157), ALL hotspots behave as if I've checked 'maintain scroll positi...


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Updated Alex Creedy

Sketch nested symbols – Inspect problem

Hi, I have been testing out the InVision Inspect feature, uploading sketch files using the Craft plugin. Our files use a lot of nested symbols, when selecting repeated elements that are inside sketch symbols, the selection jump...


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Updated Karan Chawla

Sketch keeps crashing when using Craft Prototype

Hello, As soon as I press 'K' for prototype, Sketch crashes. Tried it four times now. Restarted my machine, still facing the same issue.  Below are the specs: Sketch 72.4 (124482) Mac OS 11.4 (20F71) iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, ...


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Updated Frédéric BERGIA

Craft not working with Photoshop 2021?

Craft not working with Photoshop 2021? I specify that I have activated "Generator". I wanted to reinstall the CRAFT plugin, but I got the message "Please install the latest version of Adobe Photoshop before running the install...


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Updated Nicki Snyder

Craft signing me out of account when I try to sync

I'm signed in to my account, pulls up all of my current prototypes. When I go to sync it, I get an error and it logs me out of Craft. It's a repetitive cycle and been going on for about a day.    Here's what I have tried with n...


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Updated btobin tfd ie

Removing old JSON links from Craft Data

I've been testing Craft Data using JSON in Sketch. This involved testing different JSON file structures to see what worked. The end result is a list of the many JSON files I imported during testing. Telling the links apart is d...


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Updated Rick Tilghman

Comments are useless, we need better notes

I've been designing software for about 20 years at this point, and I've used just about every system you can imagine.  Today's more seamless dev/prototyping models (like Sketch/Craft/Zeplin/Invision) has a ton of advantages and...


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Updated Joe Hajek

Overlay State Not Scrolling on Mobile

I have a screen set as an overlay, with "fix position of overlay" deselected, but the overlay state will not scroll. I've tested building the hotspot in both InVision and in Sketch via Craft. Sketch is up to date: 50.2 Craft ve...


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Updated Valentina

Craft sync not updating hotspot

Hello, does anyone having issue since last update to sync the hotspots on a project? I can sync new hotspot and design changes, but hotspots made previously with an older version on craft disappeared from the prototype. I alrea...


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Updated Bruna

Craft not sync with Photoshop

I used to just save the document and it would sync with invision using photoshop, but now have to use Craft and it's stuck not sending the artboards to Invision. I read to reduce to 1x the pixel density, but that didn't helkp e...


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Updated Abby Sosin

Invision not recognizing Craft app as being downloaded

I have downloaded Craft and when I try to sync my prototypes from Sketch I keep getting the message that the source file I am trying to upload is no longer supported and that I need to download the Craft plugin. I've tried togg...


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Updated Nuria

Data (photos) can't be added

Hi! I'm trying to set an Unsplash image as fill in a shape but it doesn't work. I'm using macOS Catalalina 10.15.7 / Sketch 71 / Craft manager 1.0.107 / Data 1.0.49   Thanks!


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Updated tiffany jen

opens and publishes EXTREMELY slow.

I use craft to upload my sketch files onto invision. It takes about a minute for the upload screen to open (sometimes more), then another 5 minutes for it to publish onto invision. The worst has been 30 minutes altogether. I d...


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Updated Roshni Ghedia

Craft plugin not syncing with sketch

My craft plugin keeps throwing up the same error when I try syncing my artboards from sketch to Invision - that the file is not readable and it does not sync. It creates a project in Invision, but with no artboards in it. I've ...


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