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InVision Cloud Conversations

Updated Vinaykumar C

Import from XD

Is there any way I can import XD files into InVision? Or is the feature being built? Would be of great help if this feature is brought in.


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Updated Gavin Carter

Clickable button with Hover state?

I want to be able to create buttons that display a hover state on rollover as well as make them clickable (I.e. link to another page/screen/URL)In experimenting so far, I have found this to not be possible. I can great clickabl...


59 votes

Updated Edward Guttman

Fixed header/footer on many screens?

Hi, I have a prototype with a lot of screens that have the same fixed header and footer. Is there a way I can apply the fixed header/footer across many screens at once, without having to do it again and again on every screen? T...


43 votes

Updated Tal Eidelman

Print or export Freehand

Hi, I would like to print a part of my Freehand board or export it as an image so I can print outside. How do I do that? Thanks!


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Updated José Alvarez

Folders for groups projects

Hi, community! I'd like the possibility to create folders to groups projects on InVision. I remember the InVision Team mention that feature in the past, they calling Spaces in Dribbble. Dribbble reference:


34 votes

Updated Derek Hollister

Fixed Sidebar Subnav Menu

Hey Community, I'm curious how I can simulate a fixed sidebar subnav menu on interior pages. If anyone knows, please share!


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Updated Rachel Trudel

Is there a way to remove all hotspots/linked artboards?

There are cases where I want to remove ALL hot spots/linked art boards that exist within a Sketch file, however, that does not appear to be an option. Can someone confirm/deny that the only way to remove ALL hot spots/linked ar...


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Updated Alok Mysore

We need Folders for Projects!

Hi Invision, you're great. But you're missing something basic - folders for projects. A challenge I face everyday is locating the right prototype under the cluttered Projects tab on Invision Cloud. I don't always know what keyw...


26 votes

Updated Richard Stevens

Sorting project into folders

Hi  I'm a fairly new full member, I have been using InVision to create projects that have different layouts. Lets say for example I have a Tennis project and I have InVision projects for 16:9 portrait and 16:9 landscape. I also...


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Updated Noella Choi

Sticky side nav

I've been looking at all the videos and posts but can't seem to find out how to make a sticky side nav bar. Is it an overlay? but I want it to always be on top without needing to be triggered. Is this possible?


24 votes

Updated Asaf Cohen

Scrollable overlay to desktop prototype

Hi, I'm working on a desktop prototype which has a scrollable list of items which appears as an overlay. I am trying to create a prototype for it using invision and cannot find a way to prototype it as a scrollable overlay.   A...


21 votes

Updated Lachlan Sunderland

Craft plugin hotspots not syncing consistently

Is anyone else having issues with some hotspots not syncing from Sketch? It seems completely random and inconsistent as to which hotspots sync and which don't sync. In fact sometimes re-syncing changes which hotspots are synced...


21 votes

Updated Chris Tunnicliffe

Timer for a custom overlay

It would be nice to be able to set a timer on a custom overlay so that the overlay disappears after a few seconds. For example a notification that an item has been added to the basket.


20 votes

Updated Samuel N

How to hide Inspect Layers Panel?

While viewing a prototype in Inspect view, how can i hide the left-side Layers panel? It takes up a lot of room I don't want to spare when the browser isn't maximized. Thanks, Sam  


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Updated catarina

Link to anchor on another screen

Hello How do I create a link to an anchor on another page? What I intend to do is:  1. On Click redirect other screen  2. When user gets to the new screen the scroll should be set to a specific location.   Thanks, Catarina


19 votes

Updated Court Crawford

Will Inspect support REM as a measurement size?

Our web dev team works entirely in REM, so the existing units of measure within Inspect must be translated. Are there plans to include REM and allow us to specify the base type size so that Inspect mode measurements are all bas...


16 votes

Updated Rikita Poojari

InVision App API

Is there any API available to get the list of users or to get the license information for an organisation? I'd like to query the users using InVision app from my program, so wanted to check if there's any developer API availabl...


16 votes

Updated Bill Gregg

Is There a Way to Get Text Styles to Show up in InVision?

Is there a way (native, hack or plug-in) to get Sketch text styles to show up in Inspect Mode? (Or anywhere else in InVision?) We've created text styles for our app, and it would be great if developers could see those in Inspec...


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Updated April

Exporting Only Comments

Is there a way to export prototype comments only, or select specific pages of the prototype to export rather than the entire project?   Thanks!


15 votes

Updated Tom Brophy


Does Invision support integration with Lunacy?  I work for the State of CT and we are strictly PC environment, but a vendor we are working with is Mac based and using Sketch, and Invision. We are looking at Lunacy as an alterna...


14 votes

Updated James Kuo

Scrollable Overlay

Is it a way to make an overlay scrollable without scrolling the background screen?


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Updated Duncan Bayne

Feature Request - Link to section within prototype

Please add the ability to share a link to a section. The link should always include all images within the section. Currently I can click the radio button on the left of a section but this just selects all the screens, if screen...


13 votes

Updated Jary Stembera

Button hover and clickable

Is it possible to make the button which will be clickable and also have a hover efect? I tried to do it in Studio and also through Hotspots and I didn't find any easy solution for that :( BTW: I saw some topic here about the sa...


12 votes

Updated Laurel Hulme

Link to anchor on another screen

I noticed someone posted about this a couple years ago, and they were going to add the feature, but it got closed. I need to land on a different part of a page in my prototype. I can only do this if a user actually clicks a but...


10 votes