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InVision Cloud Aman

Inspect mode not working

I am unable to use Inspect mode. Every time I try, I get the error dialog box which asks me to refresh, but refreshes and even trying different browsers does not work. The console spits out a JavaScript error. Can you help me ...


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InVision Cloud Aleph Systems

Locked in landscape mode

Hi, My sketch prototype is displaying in landscape on my iPad inVision app, and I want it to be portrait. I tried "Change type" but it didn't work. I tried both lock and unlock iPad orientation, but once I click into my prototy...


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InVision Cloud Sarah Heitkamp

Fixed Footer and Autostretch Issue

Hi- When prototyping I use the auto stretch function in Invision. However, I'm having issues with my fixed footer (which is a chat button). In Sketch, I have it set up as no background behind the chat, directly under the footer...


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InVision Cloud Joseph Ryan

Flashing Between Screens in a Prototype

Hi all, I've been using InVision for a few years now but I'm coming up against an issue that I've experienced before but thought it was a first load issue. I'm getting a flash when linking through to another screen in the proto...


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InVision Cloud Denise

Screens are not uploading

Trying to update my project with some new png files. Invision seems to be having problems uploading/updating the screens. Anyone else having this issue??


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InVision Cloud Jary Stembera

Button hover and clickable

Is it possible to make the button which will be clickable and also have a hover efect? I tried to do it in Studio and also through Hotspots and I didn't find any easy solution for that :( BTW: I saw some topic here about the sa...


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InVision Cloud Pedro Ordonez

Photoshop Craft Plugin - Unable to save Pixmap

I've recently got a new notebook and had to reinstall everything. Everything was fine untill I tried to sync my .psd artboards to invision and got this message:   [Script Alert] Sync Unable to save Pixmap   It's a medium size f...


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InVision Cloud GG

Update prototype device skins

Would be nice if we could have more device options in the configuration for prototype. The iPhone model skin range is okay from 5 to 8 but Android is lacking behind with only Samsung S4 and HTC One. Although alot of Android pho...


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InVision Cloud Fatima Zahra

No zoom / de-zoom in preview mode

Hello Does the zoom exist in preview mode ?  In order to zoom or de-zoom I have to do it on the whole webpage which is not very convenient. Thanks!


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InVision Cloud Kyle

Hotspot templates not working?

Howdy, I've applied a hotspot, and it waaas working correctly. but now it is only working on some screens and not on others, even though they are applied to all of them. If it helps, i'm using the latest version of the craft sy...


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InVision Cloud Karol Burnagiel

Scalling text with group or component

Hi guys,    I just found a big problem and couldn't find any solution to it on the web. So I just create a full website in invision on windows, this website is desktop size. Now I need to resize it for a mobile website. Wh...


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InVision Cloud Eden Wilson

Lost in freehand

My colleagues and I were working on a Collaborative Freehand document for hours. With the infinite art board we kept loosing our work but eventually we would find it. I logged out when we finished the work and when I logged bac...


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InVision Cloud Bill Gregg

Is There a Way to Get Text Styles to Show up in InVision?

Is there a way (native, hack or plug-in) to get Sketch text styles to show up in Inspect Mode? (Or anywhere else in InVision?) We've created text styles for our app, and it would be great if developers could see those in Inspec...


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InVision Cloud Patrick Asselman

Mirror error

When I want to mirror my project I get the attached screen. I have my WIFI settings on phone and desktop the same. It occures for the last couple of days. Can you help me out?


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InVision Cloud Roman Gordienko

Hover Overlay Dropdown Blinking Bug

I usually make header with hover dropdowns but seems like it stopped working somehow. The overlay starts opening and closing, almost like blinking. Please, check the video for details:


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InVision Cloud Derek Hollister

Fixed Sidebar Subnav Menu

Hey Community, I'm curious how I can simulate a fixed sidebar subnav menu on interior pages. If anyone knows, please share!


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InVision Cloud tini chen

spacing below the fix bar on the bottom of the page

I save left nav stick nav with white background and set it as back ground for the page. The design also has the fixed action bar on the bottom of the page which I use fixed footer function to set it up. I sync this main content...


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InVision Cloud James Zhou

unable to copy to prototype

Hi there, Here is my issue. I have 2 prototypes that I would like to merge them together, one has 82 screens and the other one has 84 screens, I selected every screen then clicked on "copy to prototype" only half of the screens...

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InVision Cloud Asaf Cohen

Scrollable overlay to desktop prototype

Hi, I'm working on a desktop prototype which has a scrollable list of items which appears as an overlay. I am trying to create a prototype for it using invision and cannot find a way to prototype it as a scrollable overlay.   A...


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InVision Cloud Tim Letscher

Timed Screens in iOS app flaking out?

Hello all, I've got a 71 screen prototype which runs beautifully on a browser (Safari, Chrome, etc) however when trying to view the same prototype in the iOS app on an iPad or iPhone, the slides do a refresh and return me to th...


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InVision Cloud Chris Cavill

XD and invision

Hi guys   Im building out a site in Adobe XD and having to collaborate on invision. I work on a retina mac and when i export and upload to Invision it pixelates.  Tried PNGs/ JPGs the lot. I tried adding the @2x at the end of t...


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InVision Cloud Tobias Seitz

Hotspot on Fixed Footer not Working in Android App

Hi, I'm using the InVision Android app to run the prototype. I find that when I add hotspots in fixed footers, none of them work. To illustrate: in the following screen, the hotspot inside the fixed footer on the button that sa...


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InVision Cloud Brian Moyano

Links in a symbol not passing through

Hi, since sketch released shared libraries i've been working the same way: I have one library for the project, which has all the key components, for example, the sidebar and the top header. The sidebar component had a lot of li...


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InVision Cloud Kelly Knowles

Bug Report: Comment Scrolling

When in comment mode in Invision, either creating a new comment or highlighting an existing comment, it will try to scroll to that position on the page to get the comment in view.  Almost every time it does this, it scrolls way...


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