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InVision Cloud Pauly

Member cannot Manage Labels (approve/change labels of a screen)

Hi, I have multiple Members in my team. Some Members can 'approve' screens (Manage Labels) as per: I have other Members in the same team who ...


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InVision Cloud Lachlan Sunderland

iOS app not respecting automatic redirect delays

Hi there, just found another infuriating and weird issue -_- I'm putting together a prototype for usability testing and need to use automatic redirects with timed delays to mimic interactions. This works very well in the browse...


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InVision Cloud Amanda

Inspect not working

Hi, for some reason my shapes are not showing up in inspect mode. Can you help me please? I will attach a screenshot, thanks!   In this screenshot, you can see that I have selected the "Shop Now" button (this is not a symbol in...


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InVision Cloud Joseph Ryan

Flashing Between Screens in a Prototype

Hi all, I've been using InVision for a few years now but I'm coming up against an issue that I've experienced before but thought it was a first load issue. I'm getting a flash when linking through to another screen in the proto...


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InVision Cloud Peter Marriott

Scroll bars

Within invisionapp for mobile play mode I am now seeing vertical scroll bars. Can these be removed / hidden.


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InVision Cloud Skip Hanson

Link to point on screen with fixed headers

Hello. Anyone see the issue that if you try and link to a point on a screen with a fix header, the link comes up short? I figure it's because the tool is not compensating for the fixed header size. It's impossible to get it to ...


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InVision Cloud John Sellars

Prototype Hotspots disappearing

We just went through a very frustrating experience investigating some disappearing hotspots. The hotspots were visible in Sketch, but not showing up on Invision. Occasionally, hotspots that had been on an artboard for some time...


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InVision Cloud Derek Hollister

Fixed Sidebar Subnav Menu

Hey Community, I'm curious how I can simulate a fixed sidebar subnav menu on interior pages. If anyone knows, please share!


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InVision Cloud Adam Nekola

Invision for Jira — trouble connecting?

Not sure if I'm posting in the right place... My Invision for Jira extension isn't working at the moment. It's giving me an error "We're having trouble connecting to InVision for Jira. Try contacting the developer for support."...

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InVision Cloud Sophie Chen

Desktop Fixed Footer Broken

When setting a fixed footer on desktop, InVision seems to cut off/hide the bottom of the screen that’s just above the footer, to instead be behind the footer. Is anyone else encountering this bug? I have tried creating a new pr...


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InVision Cloud Grace redman

GIFs are not loading in the Invision app

Hi! I am working on a prototype that features a lot of custom animations that I created in AfterEffects, and exported as GIFs to add to Invision cloud. I am able to successfully view and use my prototype on the computer but my ...


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InVision Cloud GG

How to delete a comment

How do I delete a comment made to a prototype? It's the numbered circles that you can move around the screen, open, edit, mark a resolved etc. How do I delete the whole thing?!


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InVision Cloud Jason

How to remove nagivation gui

Hello all, Just wondering if there is a way you can remove the navigation GUI overlay.  The little < > bubbles on the left and right side of the page and any other overlay.  I don't mind if the functional feature set is still t...


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InVision Cloud Vinaykumar C

Import from XD

Is there any way I can import XD files into InVision? Or is the feature being built? Would be of great help if this feature is brought in.


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InVision Cloud Laurel Hulme

Link to anchor on another screen

I noticed someone posted about this a couple years ago, and they were going to add the feature, but it got closed. I need to land on a different part of a page in my prototype. I can only do this if a user actually clicks a but...


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InVision Cloud andrea rucci

grouping people in Freehand

Hi, is it possible to group people involved in a Freehand session? We are planning a big workshop session using the tool and this feature will be super useful.

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InVision Cloud ET

How to leave a Board?

I have been added as a collaborator on another user's board. However, I can't seem to find out how to leave the board voluntarily without asking the board owner to remove me. With shared Prototypes, you have the option in setti...


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