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InVision Cloud Joseph Ryan

Flashing Between Screens in a Prototype

Hi all, I've been using InVision for a few years now but I'm coming up against an issue that I've experienced before but thought it was a first load issue. I'm getting a flash when linking through to another screen in the proto...


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InVision Cloud Bill Gregg

Is There a Way to Get Text Styles to Show up in InVision?

Is there a way (native, hack or plug-in) to get Sketch text styles to show up in Inspect Mode? (Or anywhere else in InVision?) We've created text styles for our app, and it would be great if developers could see those in Inspec...


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InVision Cloud Eric

Freehand Hotspots

Can you navigate a prototype in freehand using hotspots? Liveshare was a great way to watch someone test your prototype.  I do not see an equivelant function in freehand. If there is not, what is the best way to observe a user ...


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InVision Cloud Ziv

Is there a way to embed Lottie animations on a prototype?

Hey guys,   We're working on designing screens, syncing them to our prototype on InVision to get feedback, etc., but a huge part of our design includes Lottie animations – which are left out of the prototype, meaning users and ...


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InVision Cloud Tom Brophy


Does Invision support integration with Lunacy?  I work for the State of CT and we are strictly PC environment, but a vendor we are working with is Mac based and using Sketch, and Invision. We are looking at Lunacy as an alterna...


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InVision Cloud Naresh Donde

Copy / Paste Problem

Copy / paste options not working. Even if I press "Alt" or slelect copy and paste options from menu bar and drag the object it is not duplicating. It suddenly stop working. I don know what to do. And my project stuck due to thi...


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InVision Cloud Philip Levy

Transfer a Freehand?

Is it possible to actually move a Freehand from one account to another... so it shows up in the Freehand list for a different account from the one it was created in?


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InVision Cloud Rae Hanley

Public Sharing - Difficult to Navigate

Most of my work is shared through public share links and I'm running into an interesting issue. It's not very intuitive to move through the pages. I keep having to remind my partners that they can use the left and right arrows ...


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InVision Cloud Peter Nunn

Export quality of jpeg

I am currently working on a project where I have a number of large background images that I make exportable in Sketch and then have the developer download via Invison. I can see that there are a number of settings 1x 2x etc for...


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InVision Cloud N

Trouble exporting artboard

hello. When I tried exporting my artboard, it exported a file with random colours. (as seen below) can you please help me with this?? thanks


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InVision Cloud ZAM KELANY

Publish to InVision

HelloI have a problem when I want to publish my prototype.An error message appears: "There was an issue during upload. Ensure you have the correct permissions and try again". What should I do?

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InVision Cloud Igor

Resolving comments workflow

Hello. Me and my team were discussing on how to make a better use of comment/ resolve feature on design process. Right now we do the following: my team upload designed screens to Invision Cloud; then, as a design leader, I do m...

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InVision Cloud Michael PIERRE

Tags for projects?

Hello there! My team and I post hundreds of prototypes to InVision Cloud for our projects. On top of project purposes, sharing these within our team is great because it allows us to look for inspiration / solutions autonomously...

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InVision Cloud Abby M

Glitchy Prototypes?

Hello!  So I followed the guide to adding my app to my homescreen—1) Share the link 2) Open the link in Safari 3) Add to Homescreen— but every time I open the app, my transitions lag and are glitchy. I tried solving the problem...


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InVision Cloud Jason

How to remove nagivation gui

Hello all, Just wondering if there is a way you can remove the navigation GUI overlay.  The little < > bubbles on the left and right side of the page and any other overlay.  I don't mind if the functional feature set is still t...


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InVision Cloud Matt Dixoncarter

Boards not loading

I have a board I started for a big project about 3 months ago. We had to shift gears for a bit and now my team is coming back to this project. I tried opening the Board, but I'm just getting a blank page. Nothing loads at all. ...


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InVision Cloud Kyle

How to hide Overlays from public view of my presentation?

Howdy, I have a project i'm working on in invisionCloud that is using a couple overlays. When viewing the shared link of the prototype and the user clicks through to the end, the overlays are also s...


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InVision Cloud Luka Stanisavljevic

Distance between two objects not showing

Hello, I can't get distance between two objects. I am trying to do it according to this article, where it says I should select first element and hover over ...


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InVision Cloud Kyle

Hotspot templates not working?

Howdy, I've applied a hotspot, and it waaas working correctly. but now it is only working on some screens and not on others, even though they are applied to all of them. If it helps, i'm using the latest version of the craft sy...


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