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InVision Cloud Conversations

Updated GG

Invision app Android - Switch account

In the IN app for iOS you have a switch account link. What happened to that in Android? All I get is Help and Support, Leave feedback and sign out. The Switch account link is missing. 


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Updated Anuja Gadre

Trouble installing craft manager

The craft manager options pane does not show up in sketch. After many times uninstalling / installing the craft icon is now showing in the MacOS bar. Please help! 

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Updated Jary Stembera

Button hover and clickable

Is it possible to make the button which will be clickable and also have a hover efect? I tried to do it in Studio and also through Hotspots and I didn't find any easy solution for that :( BTW: I saw some topic here about the sa...


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Updated Chris Bohnert

Prototyping a side sheet

I feel like there's a way to do this in InVision, but haven't figured it out yet. We are trying to prototype a side-sheet interaction. How can you mimic a side-sheet sliding in from the left, but keep the background screen in p...


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Updated Charlotte

Cannot Configure InVision Jira Plug-In

I am trying to limit the InVision Plug-In to one project.  I tried following the instructions here:  However, when I click on the Config...


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Updated Kelvin

Invision v7 flashing between screens

Invision v7 flashing between screens. After I google the issue, it seems like people report this when 2018. Issue: ...


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Updated Joshua Nicholson

Can't Log into v6 account.

Hi, is there an option to log into v6? my current credentials don't work on v7 and important visuals are needed to be recovered. 


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Updated Caleb Ko

Unable to see Educational License site

Hi! I'm enrolled in the UC Berkeley Extension UX Design Bootcamp, and they gave me a code to apply for a free education license for inVision. However, when accessing the site to apply, I am given a 404 error. Is there an altern...


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Updated Sophie Chen

Cannot edit name of hotspot template

I cannot rename / edit the name of a saved hotspot template. When I try to click on the name as per the help article, nothing happens - I can only highlight it as static text. This is the case whether the template is applied or...


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Updated David Ivanov

Figma to Invision V6

Can you please make it possible to export screens to invision and freehand V6? Some orgs cant afford or are not willing to upgrade to v7 as they dont see the benefits which limits the use of desing tools to sketch 🤮 Cheers


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Updated Christopher Ina

Prototype creation

is there a way to turn off the ability to swipe left/right on a mobile prototype so you don't advance through pages?


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Updated Michelle Billinger

Print to PDF for Journey Mapping

Has anyone experienced designing a journey map in Invision V7?  We currently have it setup, but our only option is print to PNG.  Even with that option, we lose some of the visual richness from the cards turning to words.  We'v...


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Updated Say Hey

manage billing info

Hey, Anyone know where I can change my company billing info for my v7 pro account? I've asked as a ticket in support, but the replies I got were pointing me to the wrong or unrelated pages. Since then I asked 11 times if they c...


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Updated Jonas invision Arvidsson

Present at fullscreen (fit to screen)

Hi, I have some wireframes that I want to present, but as the images are quite large, and won't fit the screen at 100& resolution, I was wondering if there's an option to 'fit-to-screen" the images so that the entire images is ...


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Updated matjung

What is the best way of getting started with inVision?

Scope: Hello inHub Community, I am a newbie in this environment and try to find out how inVision works. My initial...


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Updated Kirk Nelson

Vector Files

I am not a tech person but I need to share my vector files with my developers. I tried downloading them but it was unsuccessful. Please Help.    


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Updated Laura

V7: Possible to share only one space with collaborator?

Hi all, is it possible to share only one space with a collaborator in Invision V7? So far I only managed to either share one document (prototype, spec) or a complete group. When I select "share" while on the page of a space I g...


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