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InVision Cloud Conversations

Updated Jarod David

Damage file

How can i recover a damage file? May laptop got laggy so i restart my laptop after i save my file and when i open it, an error pop up says This file could not be opened. 


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Updated Samuel N

How to hide Inspect Layers Panel?

While viewing a prototype in Inspect view, how can i hide the left-side Layers panel? It takes up a lot of room I don't want to spare when the browser isn't maximized. Thanks, Sam  


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Updated Stéphanie Larivière

In a Team I don't want to

Hi. I just tried to create a white board and when asked to "join" a team your organization has, I must have clicked on "Anglais" by mistake and now I'm stuck with it... How can I delete that "team" ??? I teach French...


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Updated Chaitanya Shah

Freehand Zooms to 0 or NaN

Hi Team, Thank you for the powerful Freehand app. I tried to get onboard with the Freehand app, and it gave me hard time on Apple iPad as well as on Desktop web. Somehow, after spending good amount of jotting, the zoom lev...


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Updated Naresh Donde

Copy / Paste Problem

Copy / paste options not working. Even if I press "Alt" or slelect copy and paste options from menu bar and drag the object it is not duplicating. It suddenly stop working. I don know what to do. And my project stuck due to thi...


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Updated John Burrows

Commenting in V7 is way worse than before

It's broken, much worse than V6 (which worked perfectly fine). Here is what we are encountering: Loading comments is very slow Loading screens while in comment mode is very slow Commenting on a screen doesn’t automatically tag...


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Updated Rachel Trudel

Is there a way to remove all hotspots/linked artboards?

There are cases where I want to remove ALL hot spots/linked art boards that exist within a Sketch file, however, that does not appear to be an option. Can someone confirm/deny that the only way to remove ALL hot spots/linked ar...


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Updated Christopher Ina

Prototype creation

is there a way to turn off the ability to swipe left/right on a mobile prototype so you don't advance through pages?


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Updated Jary Stembera

Button hover and clickable

Is it possible to make the button which will be clickable and also have a hover efect? I tried to do it in Studio and also through Hotspots and I didn't find any easy solution for that :( BTW: I saw some topic here about the sa...


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Updated Duncan Bayne

Feature Request - Link to section within prototype

Please add the ability to share a link to a section. The link should always include all images within the section. Currently I can click the radio button on the left of a section but this just selects all the screens, if screen...


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Updated Steffane Creighton

Creates new screen, messing up links

This problem has been happening for awhile now, but using Craft plugin and InVision Cloud + Sketch Cloud, something keeps making Craft upload a completely new screen with the same exact name as an existing screen already in InV...


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Updated Ernest

Error when unzipping image files in Inspect Mode

Has anyone encountered an "Error -1 - No such process" before when trying to unzip downloaded image files in Inspect mode on Invision v7? Please help! I can still unzip other files but not image files uploaded onto Invision, it...

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Updated Roman Gordienko

Hover Overlay Dropdown Blinking Bug

I usually make header with hover dropdowns but seems like it stopped working somehow. The overlay starts opening and closing, almost like blinking. Please, check the video for details:


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Updated Adam Ruf

FEATURE REQUEST: Add cursor selection for all hotspots

As a designer creating prototypes for engineers, I want the ability to choose the appropriate cursor (e.g., cursor: default, cursor: pointer, etc.) when I'm setting up a hotspot, so that I can more easily share the desired expe...


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Updated Mary Tchakmakian

Overlay Problem

I am trying to use Screen as Overlay option and it used to work perfectly before and by itself it looks okay but once I try to use the screen as a overlay it become VERY tiny. I dont know what the issue seems to be. The size se...


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Updated Rikita Poojari

InVision App API

Is there any API available to get the list of users or to get the license information for an organisation? I'd like to query the users using InVision app from my program, so wanted to check if there's any developer API availabl...


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Updated Kelly V Baines

Prototype orientation

hi all,    In a  have a prototype, all the screens are portrait, but one screen is better viewed landscape.  Anyway to change that one screen to flip in the prototype?  


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Updated Neha

Prototype using mockups jpg

I am trying to create a prototype using jpg mockups my designer gave. But InvisionApp shows error in upload and the images are not getting uploaded. What should I do?

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Updated Carlos

Active Screen Overlay on Fixed Header

Hi,  I was wondering if someone could help me with this ticket. I noticed that my screen overlay I set up does not function with my fixed header. So when I scroll down with the fixed header the overlay does not follow. Maybe th...


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