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InVision Cloud Mike


Are there any integrations with Bynder, that anyone has worked with?  

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InVision Cloud GG

Downloaded prototype doesn't work

I download the prototype, unzip it and open the index file generated by the InVision system. However many screens in my mobile project don't show up inside the prototype mobile phone container when tested locally. The only thin...


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InVision Cloud Jackie Smith

Images auto rotating when added to a board

I am adding images to a board, and in this process Invision is auto-rotating some of them incorrectly. I've checked the original files, and they are all the correct orientation. Is there a way to manually rotate within Invision...


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InVision Cloud Luc Moers

Freehand password protection?

Is it possible to setup a password link for a Freehand board? I have not found the feature and for security it would be really great to have this.


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InVision Cloud Brent

Elements shifting on Sketch sync

I'm trying to be positive but it is so frustrating that elements keep shifting on upload to Invision. You need to just use the standard image export and make a screenshot of exactly how things were created for the preview part ...


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InVision Cloud Laurel Hulme

Link to anchor on another screen

I noticed someone posted about this a couple years ago, and they were going to add the feature, but it got closed. I need to land on a different part of a page in my prototype. I can only do this if a user actually clicks a but...


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InVision Cloud Luka Stanisavljevic

Distance between two objects not showing

Hello, I can't get distance between two objects. I am trying to do it according to this article, where it says I should select first element and hover over ...


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InVision Cloud Blake Ramick

Freehand image quality

Anyone have any best practices for adding higher quality images in Freehand? Mine show up pixelated and the original is not.


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InVision Cloud Christopher Ina

Prototype creation

is there a way to turn off the ability to swipe left/right on a mobile prototype so you don't advance through pages?


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InVision Cloud Tim Letscher

Timed Screens in iOS app flaking out?

Hello all, I've got a 71 screen prototype which runs beautifully on a browser (Safari, Chrome, etc) however when trying to view the same prototype in the iOS app on an iPad or iPhone, the slides do a refresh and return me to th...


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InVision Cloud Douglas

Problem with click position

As much as I do not select "Maintain scroll position after click", when using the prototype, it navigates maintaining the position of the last screen. The curious thing is: this happens only on the cell phone. On the computer s...


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InVision Cloud Tami Takamiya

Truncation in numbers on Windows 10 Chrome

I see top & bottom of numbers are truncated when InVision Cloud is used in Google Chrome running on Windows 10.  Is it a known issue?  The problem does not occur in Chrome on MacOS.


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InVision Cloud Tim O'Sullivan


Hi there,   I'm wondering why the hotspots keep moving from the position I've placed them in. I've assigned hotspots in the footer by on some screens they've moved up the screen. Any ideas?


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InVision Cloud James Zhou

unable to copy to prototype

Hi there, Here is my issue. I have 2 prototypes that I would like to merge them together, one has 82 screens and the other one has 84 screens, I selected every screen then clicked on "copy to prototype" only half of the screens...


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InVision Cloud Samuel N

How to hide Inspect Layers Panel?

While viewing a prototype in Inspect view, how can i hide the left-side Layers panel? It takes up a lot of room I don't want to spare when the browser isn't maximized. Thanks, Sam  


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InVision Cloud Ashima Sood

Project Organisation | InVision Spaces

As the design lead and manager, I have learned to manage my files and pages on my Sketch files. I’ve had design team sync ups to get the team on board and make sure we follow the same nomenclature for screen and page names. InV...


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InVision Cloud MK

How to prototype with overlays

Hi I am a beginner with invision so still learning a lot of stuff. I am currently trying to add an overlay that pops up when you click on the modify button on this page:


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InVision Cloud Kirsten Miller

Spaces! Woo hoo!

I just want to say that I'm so happy that the new Spaces feature has launched for InVision Cloud!!!

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InVision Cloud GG

Landscape support in build mode.

I have mobile screens that are designed in landscape mode and I want to prototype them, but I can't find any landscape support in build mode? The phones are all portrait in the configuration section. I had a look in what's avai...


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