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InVision Cloud Conversations

Updated John Sellars

Prototype Hotspots disappearing

We just went through a very frustrating experience investigating some disappearing hotspots. The hotspots were visible in Sketch, but not showing up on Invision. Occasionally, hotspots that had been on an artboard for some time...


8 votes

Updated Joseph Ryan

Flashing Between Screens in a Prototype

Hi all, I've been using InVision for a few years now but I'm coming up against an issue that I've experienced before but thought it was a first load issue. I'm getting a flash when linking through to another screen in the proto...


9 votes

Updated Matthew Dichter

Screen as Overlay not working properly

I have a prototype that was working just fine up until a couple of days ago. We are attempting to replicate a mega-menu and have overlays on top of overlays.  As of late last week, the second set of overlays are not interactive...


4 votes

Updated Tobias Seitz

Hotspot on Fixed Footer not Working in Android App

Hi, I'm using the InVision Android app to run the prototype. I find that when I add hotspots in fixed footers, none of them work. To illustrate: in the following screen, the hotspot inside the fixed footer on the button that sa...


1 vote

Updated Vinaykumar C

Import from XD

Is there any way I can import XD files into InVision? Or is the feature being built? Would be of great help if this feature is brought in.


118 votes

Updated Haymkarran S Bhalla

Overlays - custom background

Hi team,   Requirement -  When i chose to apply an overlay, I want my background to be blacked out by 50%.   Problem -  When i apply an overlay, I can only change position, transition and opacity.  My main page has white backgr...


7 votes

Updated Brent

Elements shifting on Sketch sync

I'm trying to be positive but it is so frustrating that elements keep shifting on upload to Invision. You need to just use the standard image export and make a screenshot of exactly how things were created for the preview part ...


2 votes

Updated Dennis

Anchor scrolling bug with position

I have a prototype with a long scrollable page. By using the "anchor scrolling" option I can scroll through the page in 3 animated steps. ("Smooth scrolling transition" looks amazing by the way!). So, in total there are 3 butto...


0 votes

Updated Amanda

Inspect not working

Hi, for some reason my shapes are not showing up in inspect mode. Can you help me please? I will attach a screenshot, thanks!   In this screenshot, you can see that I have selected the "Shop Now" button (this is not a symbol in...


1 vote

Updated Patrick Asselman

Mirror error

When I want to mirror my project I get the attached screen. I have my WIFI settings on phone and desktop the same. It occures for the last couple of days. Can you help me out?


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Updated Naresh Donde

Copy / Paste Problem

Copy / paste options not working. Even if I press "Alt" or slelect copy and paste options from menu bar and drag the object it is not duplicating. It suddenly stop working. I don know what to do. And my project stuck due to thi...


5 votes

Updated Christopher Ina

Prototype creation

is there a way to turn off the ability to swipe left/right on a mobile prototype so you don't advance through pages?


1 vote

Updated Brian Moyano

Links in a symbol not passing through

Hi, since sketch released shared libraries i've been working the same way: I have one library for the project, which has all the key components, for example, the sidebar and the top header. The sidebar component had a lot of li...


1 vote

Updated Derek Hollister

Fixed Sidebar Subnav Menu

Hey Community, I'm curious how I can simulate a fixed sidebar subnav menu on interior pages. If anyone knows, please share!


29 votes

Updated Francesca Zambon

Craft sign in error

When trying to sign in via photoshop to "sync to invision" it does not work (invalid user / password combination)  but the same credentials work on the invision platform.   What is the problem?   Thank you for supporting


1 vote

Updated Aleph Systems

Locked in landscape mode

Hi, My sketch prototype is displaying in landscape on my iPad inVision app, and I want it to be portrait. I tried "Change type" but it didn't work. I tried both lock and unlock iPad orientation, but once I click into my prototy...


1 vote

Updated Vika

Invision deforms my symbols. What’s wrong with them?

Hello, guys! I have some troubles with my symbols when I’m trying upload screens in Invision. So, beneath you can see screenshot represents my mockup in Sketch. I have these setting for Switchers and Text label accordingly thr...


2 votes

Updated Edward Guttman

Fixed header/footer on many screens?

Hi, I have a prototype with a lot of screens that have the same fixed header and footer. Is there a way I can apply the fixed header/footer across many screens at once, without having to do it again and again on every screen? T...


43 votes

Updated GG

Transfer ownership

I have a pro plan. In my account I have 5 different projects going. I want to transfer two whole projects to a client, but how do I do this with the transfer ownership function? How do I transfer the two projects and not all th...


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Updated Jeremy Rosser

IOS invision portrait and landscape protoype.

I am designing a prototype in Sketch where I want to link from a portrait art board to a landscape art board. Once viewing the prototype in Invision it will not allow me to rotate my screen. Does anyone know of a work around to...


1 vote

Updated Hayley Barile

Custom placed overlays

The overlays are being extremely glitchy. I will set a custom placed overlay on my screen (for a dropdown menu) but when I go to view it in preview mode it will be in the wrong place or won't show up at all. Worst of all, when ...


5 votes

Updated Gavin Carter

Clickable button with Hover state?

I want to be able to create buttons that display a hover state on rollover as well as make them clickable (I.e. link to another page/screen/URL)In experimenting so far, I have found this to not be possible. I can great clickabl...


59 votes

Updated Lachlan Sunderland

iOS app not respecting automatic redirect delays

Hi there, just found another infuriating and weird issue -_- I'm putting together a prototype for usability testing and need to use automatic redirects with timed delays to mimic interactions. This works very well in the browse...


2 votes

Updated Jannita Schnitzler

Library sync different computers

Hi,  We are setting up a library at the moment for a project, but we won't get a sync option to share our work. How can we push/sync to collaborate automatically?   


1 vote

Updated Lachlan Sunderland

Craft plugin hotspots not syncing consistently

Is anyone else having issues with some hotspots not syncing from Sketch? It seems completely random and inconsistent as to which hotspots sync and which don't sync. In fact sometimes re-syncing changes which hotspots are synced...


21 votes