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InVision Cloud Karol Burnagiel

Scalling text with group or component

Hi guys,    I just found a big problem and couldn't find any solution to it on the web. So I just create a full website in invision on windows, this website is desktop size. Now I need to resize it for a mobile website. Wh...


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InVision Cloud Daniel

Prototyping w/out internet

Hey all - I've been using Invision for user testing for years now. I've run into a situation where most of my current users are in high security facilities w/limited or no internet access. Is there a way to download/export a pr...


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InVision Cloud Tobias Seitz

Hotspot on Fixed Footer not Working in Android App

Hi, I'm using the InVision Android app to run the prototype. I find that when I add hotspots in fixed footers, none of them work. To illustrate: in the following screen, the hotspot inside the fixed footer on the button that sa...


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InVision Cloud Leon

Flowchart based on page redirection in the prototype?

Hello Invisioners, I'm new to Invision and I've got some very basic questions and would appreciate your advice on them: I've create a prototype, but is there any way I can generate a 'all-in-one-page flowchart' that includes 1...


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InVision Cloud mg

Place Images in order

When designing with data, I have the possibility to duplicate elements and fill them with data from a json file. When I do this, the elements follow the order of the json data. Most of the time I have images that are related to...


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InVision Cloud Sakis Zafeiropoulos

Group will not show in Inspect

I am facing a rather tricky situation here. The inspector is ignoring a whole group in my Sketch layers. I tried making an artboard with that group ONLY in it and although it shows up in the inspect viewport, my inspect layers ...


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InVision Cloud Amit Garg

Invision Share Link

Hi, My team had generated QR codes for several individual prototypes. Now, when we go to scan those QR codes, we are getting an "Invalid Link" on InVision's side (i.e., it still leads to InVision, but the prototype doesn't load...


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InVision Cloud Philip Levy

Navigating to Workflow view

Trying to use Workflow more (and really liking it), but if there was an easier way to get there from Browse or Preview mode that would be awesome. Currently, it seems awkward to first go back to the Screens page out of the cont...


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InVision Cloud Dan Jordan

Snapping to pixels

Hi there,  Is there a way that I could stop elements going to points of a pixel, as in 76.42px on x or y axis, and to just have it snap to a full number.  Thanks Dan


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InVision Cloud Amanda

Inspect not working

Hi, for some reason my shapes are not showing up in inspect mode. Can you help me please? I will attach a screenshot, thanks!   In this screenshot, you can see that I have selected the "Shop Now" button (this is not a symbol in...


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InVision Cloud Dmitry

Inspect mode not working

Hi, I'm a web developer and have a problem with shared inVision mockup, I can't see any text styles after selecting of any text element. Also, I see a lot of js errors in console:


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InVision Cloud Chris Cavill

XD and invision

Hi guys   Im building out a site in Adobe XD and having to collaborate on invision. I work on a retina mac and when i export and upload to Invision it pixelates.  Tried PNGs/ JPGs the lot. I tried adding the @2x at the end of t...


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InVision Cloud KaPa

Having trouble downloading Smart Home UI kit...

I'm trying to download the Smart Home UI kit (freebie), but cannot seem to do so. I fill in my email address and click the button, or even try tabbing to it, and to no avail. It seems once I put in my email address, there's not...


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InVision Cloud Roman Gordienko

Hover Overlay Dropdown Blinking Bug

I usually make header with hover dropdowns but seems like it stopped working somehow. The overlay starts opening and closing, almost like blinking. Please, check the video for details:


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Using inVision to tag comp specs and keys

Hi.  I use inVision as a BSA to review redlines for web pages the web team needs to create.  Along with the redlines created, we have to create what you call an Evergreen which is documenting a web page from left to right, top ...

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InVision Cloud Bill Gregg

Is There a Way to Get Text Styles to Show up in InVision?

Is there a way (native, hack or plug-in) to get Sketch text styles to show up in Inspect Mode? (Or anywhere else in InVision?) We've created text styles for our app, and it would be great if developers could see those in Inspec...


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InVision Cloud Daniel V. Kialka

Unwanted Fade out fade in of elements

hi! i'm have trouble understanding why all my elements present a fade out, fade in effect during my transition although all layers have 100% opacity on both slides...


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InVision Cloud Eli

Stick Drop Down even when scrolling

Hi,   I am new to InVision. I am trying to create a drop down that will appear after clicking on a upper stick navbar. I created a png file with transparent background, with only the desired drop down. After creating a hotspot,...

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