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InVision Cloud Gaia

How to make an Index in InVision boards?

Hello Community :)How are you? I hope all is well with you. I've created a board to share monthly product release updates from Backbase (the company I work for):

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InVision Cloud Bill Gregg

How Do You Delete an Asset Folder Once It's Created?

Somehow I generated some nested folders corresponding, I guess, to a nested group in my Sketch file and containing a few image files three and four levels down. I didn't intend to create these assets and folders. I've deleted t...

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InVision Cloud Sam Hancock

Template hotspots not showing

Since migrating over to InVision Cloud, only half of the template hotspots are showing on the prototype. This is on a project with over 130 screens. So it's not a quick and easy fix. When I first select the template the hotspot...


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InVision Cloud Joseph Garcia

JIRA-InVision plugin compatiable with JIRA Datacenter

We’re exploring the use of InVision within JIRA server.  I have a specific technical question:   Is the InVision plugin compatible with Data center? The J&J instance Jira is hosted on data center and our technical team is sayi...

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InVision Cloud Chris Lombardo

Unable to hotlink to top of new page

Even with "Maintain Scroll Position" un-checked, my hotlink opens the assigned new page far below the top. I want it to open at the top. I tried assigning the link to "Next Page" and to the specific page name, and got the same ...

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InVision Cloud Longina

Inspect Tool not working

Hi, we used Craft to upload a prototype to our cloud account. Now our developer is trying to use the inspect tool and is just getting a "Publish directly from your design tool to use Inspect" message. I logged in to see and am ...


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InVision Cloud Robin van der Vliet

Sync all artboards across all pages

Countless times I've had to re-upload all my artboards from Sketch to InVision because of improvements made to the document. Instead it being a 1-click action, I had to repeat the same action per page. For big projects this is ...

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InVision Cloud Sid

Restore Deleted Space

Please provide me details of related step to recover file for V7 version how i can recover my delete files which are I have deleted accidentally..


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InVision Cloud Michael

Boards are not browsable on mobile.

Browsing a board on my mobile phone, I can't go back after I opening an image or file. If I use my android back button it takes me to the previous website visited. Also the 'share link' button doesn't work. (other socials links...


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InVision Cloud Duncan Bayne

Feature Request - Link to section within prototype

Please add the ability to share a link to a section. The link should always include all images within the section. Currently I can click the radio button on the left of a section but this just selects all the screens, if screen...


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InVision Cloud Henrik Voetmand

Shapes in Inspect

Hi, If you have a combined shape layer nested inside a symbol in Sketch it will show up in Inspect, but if you flatten the shape, the symbol will no longer show up in Inspect. I find this very strange and it makes no sense to m...


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InVision Cloud Owen Hughes

Prototype organisation

Our team on InVision has massively grown over the last year and with it our amount of prototypes. We have multiple accounts with multiple prototypes scattered everywhere with various owners and access rights.  Does anyone have ...


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InVision Cloud Dan Ashby


Has anyone experienced issues where, your tech team are saying they have provided updates to your prototype, however you are not seeing them? My tech team are blaming Invisionapp.

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InVision Cloud Avee B

Disable sign-in for commenting on a prototype...

I find it retroactive that Invision requires a sign-in / sign up for an Invision account to comment on a public and/or password-protected Prototype.  It's a pain-point for the collaboration process. Why should a user/client who...

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InVision Cloud Devin W

Slack <> InVision Integration

The Slack Integration with InVision in V6 offered a variety of choices for posting updates to channel.  V7, however, doesn't.  Is there a place to view the roadmap to achieving some level of feature parity between V6 and V7?

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InVision Cloud Andy Fitts – POP

Sketch and InVision not syncing

This isn't the first time it's happened, but my artboards are not uploading to InVision from Sketch. In Craft it says that the update has been made, but it's not reflected in the prototype. I don't want to export images from Sk...


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InVision Cloud Laurel Hulme

Link to anchor on another screen

I noticed someone posted about this a couple years ago, and they were going to add the feature, but it got closed. I need to land on a different part of a page in my prototype. I can only do this if a user actually clicks a but...


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InVision Cloud mohammadamin

can't login to mac os app for second time after install

hi I installed the studio and run it. then I logged to the studio. but when I opened it for the second time. it again said enter email and password. then I entered, but it wrote: "The provided email and password is not valid." ...


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InVision Cloud Meena

Embed link for Prototypes on InVision Cloud

I don't see the option to get embed code for a prototype anymore. I think I am on the new V7 InVision Cloud. I have another account that has the V6 UI and I can find it easily on there. But on the new interface with Spaces, I c...


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InVision Cloud James Kuo

Scrollable Overlay

Is it a way to make an overlay scrollable without scrolling the background screen?


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